Temptation Island recap: Some overestimate faith in their partners while others take advantage of the singles

Party at the guys villa on Temptation Island
Some people grew closer the singles as other learned more about what they truly want. Pic credit: USA Network

Fresh off of personal messages, or not, from their significant others, the participants have a lot to consider when deciding how they want to use the rest of their time on the island.

It became clear for some that they were not on the same page as their partners, and for others, there were already boundaries crossed.

It is at the point in the show where everyone is trying to take advantage of what everyone has to offer as time on the island is winding down, and the boyfriends and girlfriends need to make a decision soon.

There were hurt feelings, arguments, parties, and tender moments in this week’s episode as it ended with a bonfire for both the guys and the girls.

Who is seeing things more clearly?

Chelsea did not care much about her personal message from Tom, as she continued to pursue and enjoy her budding relationship with Blake.

Blake and Chelsea from temptation Island
Blake and Chelsea have been getting close fast. Pic credit: USA Network

After witnessing Chelsea kissing Blake during the bonfire, Tom acted like it was the incentive he needed to maybe move further with single Sophia.

Tom has been holding back on his feelings for Sophia. Pic credit: USA Network

After all the scandalous and mean things Erica has had to endure from Kendal, she finally acted like she knew what she wanted this week. She grew closer with single Jesse and even made the first move in taking his hand.

Single, Tula, asked Julian some hard questions about why he cheated in the past. Julian revealed the circumstances about how he slept with a friend of Kristen’s back in 2014, but that he has forgiven himself and knows where his heart is.

Who is more confused?

The thrupple of Kendal, Alexcys, and Nickole took a weird turn when Kendal expressed privately to Nickole that he would consider leaving the island with her and Nickole said she would be down for that.

Alexcys did not know about this conversation and let Kendal know that she does not want a threesome every day and that she wants to pursue her relationship with Kendal alone.

Kendal also said that he still wants to leave the island with Erica, leaving viewers confused about his motives and actual wants.

Kendal, Nickole, and Alexcys from Temptation Island
Kendal, Nickole, and Alexcys were in a weird place this week. Pic credit: USA Network

Erin got into it with single Alex after he called Corey boring. She got defensive about the comment and angry with his point of view, but another single, Lex, confirmed that Erin herself said that Corey was boring, so Erin must be confused.

Corey is interested in pursuing something with single, Amanda, which she would like very much, but he is still hesitant to cross set boundaries.

Next week the participants will choose a partner to have an overnight date with and it looks like it will lead to more drama and possibly more personal growth for some.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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