Temptation Island recap: Elimination and personal video week has emotions running high

The guys at elimination in season 3 of Temptation Island
Elimination week had the participants on edge as emotions ran high and the drama continued. Pic credit: USA Network

While the singles wait for the significant others to mess up, some participants don’t want to lead anyone on during elimination and video message week.

This process is showing some people that they may not be compatible with their significant others and that maybe someone else on the island may be better for them.

Each villa threw a themed party and there was some drama between the thrupple that has been forming that looks like it will spill over into next week.

Everyone but Kendal got a video message from their partners, leading to more questions and internal conflict as a result.

The eliminations this week helped the participants get closer to the people who have been helping them along their journey the most.

There was plenty of drama

Singles Maya and Amanda got into a spat about Amanda being impatient about eating and Maya popping off at her. Julian, who has grown the closest to Maya, did not like this side of her, but he chose not to eliminate her.

Kendal, Nickole, and Alexcys continued hanging out this week, but when Kendal was making strong hints that he wanted another threesome, Nickole was down, but Alexcys wasn’t feeling it.

Erin eliminated Shaquille, who she said she felt the closest to in the villa because she did not want to lead him on and wanted to focus more on herself. In her video message to Corey, she clarifies that she knows her part in their problems and wants to be a better person for him.

Erica chose not to send Kendal a video message because she felt too disrespected by him and did not want to give herself a chance to fold.

Some relationships moved further

Thomas and Sophia have come very close to becoming intimate, but Tom keeps holding back because he is still holding out hope to be with Chelsea.

Chelsea, however, took her relationship with Blake to the next level, and they shared a kiss, which Tom doesn’t know about yet. Her video message to Thomas was cold, and he felt like she was setting the stage for a breakup.

Chelsea and Blake from Temptation Island
Chelsea is growing closer to Blake. Pic credit: USA Network

Julian and Kristen both had similar videos they sent to one another that confirmed for both of them that they have been growing as individuals in order to come back together stronger.

Next week, it looks like there will be more drama for the the thrupple and the singles will test the boundaries of those in relationships.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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