Temptation Island recap: As some participants receive validation, others are having trouble opening up

Mark Walberg
Mark Walberg, the host of Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

This week, on Season 3 of Temptation Island, the participants went on more dates, threw parties in each villa, and had a bonfire where both sides saw video clips.

Some people expressed their old trauma and took ownership of their feelings, while others came out with more worries and mixed emotions.

As the relationships that have already formed grew, there were hurt feelings on the other side from the significant others.

Some participants found resolve to be more of themselves, which has led to productive bonfires with host, Mark Walberg.

Who is not running from their connection?

Kristen and Julian, both unloaded their feelings this week and discovered that they might be going through the same things.

They both expressed the trauma and sadness they felt for the death of Kristen’s brother, and each made the realization that by healing individually, they may not be in the same stuck place as before.

Kendal deepened his connection with Alexcys, and the two talked about their future and the possibility of having a family together. Kendal also talked about the desire to take Nickole, who they had the threesome with, on a date.

Chelsea has been on the fence about taking her relationship with Blake further, and it appeared that what she saw at the bonfire of Thomas gave her clarity and less guilt about Blake.

Thomas had another date with Sophia, where the two were smitten and he rubbed mud all over her body and butt.

After seeing bonfire footage of Chelsea connecting more with Blake, he expressed his concern about losing each other but also said he wants someone who will accept his flirty personality, which Sophia does.

There is surprising confidence among some participants

Kendal, seemingly contradictory to his actions, said that he thinks Erica will get over everything that he did on the island and be with her, which he wants too.

Corey said that he finally knows his value and that he just needs to choose who is going to be nurturing that value.

Corey from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Corey has come to know his value more during the Temptation Island process. Pic credit: USA Network

Erin is confident that she has been the problem in her relationship with Corey and that she wants to be a better person.

She also opened up about her past abusive relationships and said that all her relationships except this one have been toxic. She owned up to her part in that toxicity and said she does not want to sabotage this relationship.

Next week the people in relationships have the choice to send their significant other a 30-second video expressing their feelings or not. In past seasons, this has been the midway point for the couples and people tend to take a certain direction afterward.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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