Temptation Island preview: The guys discuss who to send home as elimination looms

Julian, Thomas, Kendal, and Corey talk to host Mark walberg
Viewers got a sneak peek this week from USA Network into next week elimination for the guys. Pic credit: USA Network

Temptation Island has passed the halfway point, and as the days are counting down, host, Mark Walberg, announced that there would be another elimination during a sneak peek video from the USA Network.

This will possibly be the hardest elimination since there are connections between the singles and the guys, but that connection may not be strong enough to keep some of the girls there.

There has already been one elimination where three girls who weren’t connecting with any of the guys went home.

Mark reminded the guys to focus on why they are there when considering who to eliminate. At this point, the guys should be focusing on the girl that interests them the most, and who they see themselves having the most growth with.

Who is most likely to be eliminated?

Of the girls that remain, Kendal has been sleeping with Alexcys and Nickole. Alexcys is the one he keeps taking on dates, but he has mentioned an interest in getting to know Nickole more.

Nickole originally had a crush on Corey, but kind of blew it when she got jealous of him taking Amanda out on a date.

If the guys feel Nickole hasn’t made enough of an impact, then she could be one of the girls to go.

Tula has not made a romantic spark with any of the guys, but they have all said that she is insightful, and they all have developed a friendship with her. If they are looking for more than just friendship, though, Tula could be out.

During the sneak peek, viewers saw an interview with Maya where she voiced her concerns about her drama with Amanda affecting her chance at staying and connecting more with Julian. Viewers do not yet know what that drama is.

What Temptation Island fans are saying

Viewers commented on the YouTube video about their predictions and thoughts on how the season has been so far.

Some fans thought that Season 1 was the best of the seasons and that only Julian and Kristen have a chance at making it off the island together. Others disagreed and said that the storylines for seasons 2 and 3 are way better.

The other possibility one fan explored is that everyone is going to break up, but some may rekindle by the six month reunion.

Fans expressed how they feel about the feel about this season. Pic credit: @USANetwork/YouTube

Fans did all agree that, “Kendal gives off weird vibes like he enjoys putting people down.” That comment made by a YouTube user got 135 likes and no dislikes, with people saying that Kendal is a “psycho.”

Fans weigh in on Kendal. Pic credit: @USANetwork/YouTube

After the drama that is coming next week, the participants will be closer to identifying what is right for them and will move closer to leaving the island together, alone, or with someone else.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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