Temptation Island recap: Part 1 of the Final Bonfire had a lot of raw emotion

Kendal, Erica, Erin and Corey from Temptation Island
Part 1 of the bonfire was intense for viewers. Pic credit: USA Network

Part 1 of the Final Bonfire on Temptation Island focused on the participants saying goodbye to the singles to focus on their upcoming resolution with their significant others. The episode also focused on two of the couples at the final bonfire, and viewers got to see a conclusion for one of them.

After their final dates with the singles, the participants had an emotional goodbye as they had to prepare to end their journeys on the island. They got to express their appreciation to the singles and explain how they grew with their help.

The fate of Corey and Erin was revealed and viewers went deep into Kendal and Erica’s relationship but stopped short of a conclusion.

Corey and Erin got to the bottom of their problems

After they both expressed their feeling individually, Corey and Erin, who have been together a year and a half, had a positive and open discussion about their expectations for one another.

Erin vowed that she is more emotionally available after her experience on the island. Corey shared that he is more confident in himself to deal with some of Erin’s intimidating behavior.

Corey and Erin from Temptation Island
Erin and Corey faced their issues and left the island together stronger. Pic credit: USA Network

They both did not want to go back to where they were when they got to the island and promised each other that they would be better at cherishing their connection.

They both decided to leave the island together.

Kendal and Erica had some tense moments at the Final Bonfire

Kendal and Erica both walked into the final bonfire ready to lay it all out there. Viewers have been anticipating a messy conclusion for this couple.

They both respectfully listened to what the other had to say about their experience on the island. Kendal highlighted that he learned to open up emotionally more, while Erica said she learned more about her self-worth and sense of control in the relationship.

When the discussion part of the bonfire was opened Erica asked Kendal how sleeping with people helped him open up emotionally. He did not have a response for that but did come up with an apology for his actions based on his ‘poor decision making.’

Kendal and Erica from Temptation Island
Kendal and Erica had a lot to work out during their final bonfire. Pic credit: USA Network

Erica followed up these questions by telling him that she hopes it was worth it.

This got up to the point where the pair was ready to make their decisions, but viewers will have to wait until next week to determine how Erica and Kendal’s journey turns out.

Next week’s episode will feature Part 2 of the Final Bonfire as well as a reunion of the cast to see what transpired since filming.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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