Temptation Island spoilers: Erica hints that she may have left the island alone

Erica from Temptation Island
Fans are wondering if Erica will leave the island with Kendal, or Jesse, or alone. Pic credit: USA Network

Erica Washington has been put through the wringer by her boyfriend Kendal on Temptation Island this season. She posted a cryptic caption to an Instagram post that has fans wondering the outcome of the final bonfire.

Erica has the choice of leaving the island with Kendal, by herself, or with single, Jesse, who she has made a strong connection with.

Her journey on the island has been about maturation as a person after being thrown into the fire by Kendal and his antics during his journey.

They came to the island with no set rules. Still, Erica was not prepared for the level of disrespect and blatant disregard for her feelings that Kendal displayed when he hooked up and began a relationship with Alexcys and also engaged in a threesome with her and Nickole.

Erica’s caption to her stunning solo photo focused on her individual self-growth, which made fans wonder if that means she left the island alone.

Erica’s caption about self-growth was cryptic

Erica captioned her photo, “It’s the inner growth for meeee.” This statement can be perceived as her taking the leap to leave the island alone to keep working on herself.

During last week’s final date with Jesse, Erica felt like she was fully ready to open herself up physically and emotionally to him, a step that her fans were hoping for.

While she has voiced how much she is shaken by her entire experience on the island and the way Kendal has treated her, she also said she is open to pursuing something off the island with Jesse.

Jesse has even said that Erica deserves to be treated right and that he would love to be the man to do that.

Her caption makes it seem like she chose to continue taking care of herself, which many her followers want for her despite their appreciation of Jesse.

Erica and Jesse from Temptation Island
Erica and Jesse got intimate during their overnight date. Pic credit: USA Network

Does Kendal still have a hold on Erica?

Erica has mentioned several times that she hopes she doesn’t cave to Kendal’s persuasive nature once she is in front of him.

She said that her dignity and self-worth are much higher now than when she came onto the island with Kendal.

Viewers are hoping that Erica will give him a piece of her mind and call him out for all his toxic traits so that he can be exposed for viewers to berate.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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