Teen Mom OG viewers react to reunion, want Dr. Drew fired, accuse Maci Bookout of being drunk

Maci Bookout and Dr. Drew Pinsky on the Teen Mom OG reunion
Teen Mom OG viewers reacted to this season’s reunion and felt Maci Bookout looked “drunk” and Dr. Drew needs to be fired. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG viewers tuned in for part two of this season’s reunion special and had plenty to say about Maci Bookout and Dr. Drew afterward.

This season, Maci Bookout made headlines, not for her exciting storyline, but because of her behavior towards her husband Taylor McKinney, which most viewers felt was out of line.

During the second half of the reunion, Maci’s segment reinforced what Teen Mom OG viewers have said this season about her seemingly changed behavior.

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Maci has already been accused of having major work done to her face after Teen Mom OG fans felt she looked noticeably different on the couch than in recent months.

But now, Teen Mom OG viewers are accusing Maci of being drunk and possibly dabbling with drugs after watching her segment on Tuesday night.

Teen Mom OG fans took to Reddit where they discussed this season’s reunion in a post titled, “Teen Mom OG: Reunion Part 2 – December 7, 2021.”

Teen Mom OG viewers accuse Maci Bookout of being drunk during reunion

“Is anyone else confused by Maci’s responses?” asked one Teen Mom OG fan.

“She was drinking,” replied another fan. “It was very apparent.”

redditors discussed maci bookout appearing drunk on the reunion
Pic credit: u/AutoModerator/Reddit

Throughout her segment, Maci seemed to aimlessly ramble, was slow to put together thoughts at times, and did not make sense to many viewers.

Another Teen Mom OG fan felt Maci was mixing alcohol with drugs and commented, “I think she’s a drunk and added some meds to that. Woah.”

redditors discussed maci bookout appearing drunk on the reunion
Pic credit: u/AutoModerator/Reddit

Teen Mom OG fans call for Dr. Drew to be fired as reunion host

Another topic of contention in the post was the reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky’s behavior.

When Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant couple Kiaya and Teazha came on stage, viewers were shocked with a question that Dr. Drew asked so nonchalantly.

Dr. Drew asked everyone on the stage if they had been victims of sexual abuse as children, and Teazha spoke up and admitted that she was.

Teazha, however, wasn’t prepared for a question of such magnitude, and it brought a lot of repressed emotions to the surface, causing her to get noticeably upset as she recounted her past.

Teen Mom OG viewers were not happy with Dr. Drew for asking the question and felt that he should be fired because of it.

“Cancel Dr. Drew,” wrote another disgruntled Teen Mom OG viewer. “Give sweet Teazah all the love. That is all.”

Another fan agreed with the sentiment to fire Dr. Drew and commented, “Absolutely. Her face, and they actually filmed it. And dr. Drew just kept talking. I’m ready for him to be replaced.”

redditors want dr. drew fired
Pic credit: u/AutoModerator/Reddit

“I just watched part 2 and man f**k Dr. Drew and MTV,” wrote another Redditor.

They continued, “How are you just gonna ask about CSA with no warning and so nonchalantly, he asked Teazha like he was asking her what she wants for dinner. He’s got to go.”

redditors want dr. drew fired
Pic credit: u/AutoModerator/Reddit

Dr. Drew came under fire during this season’s first half of the reunion also. Teen Mom OG fans felt that Dr. Drew needed to hold Amber Portwood accountable for her behavior, but instead, he allowed her to continue “victimizing” herself.

Farrah Abraham’s mom, Debra Danielsen, mentioned that she would like to host a Teen Mom spinoff aftershow instead of reunion specials with Dr. Drew — perhaps now is her chance.

Teen Mom OG Reunion Part 2 - Viewers accuse Maci Bookout of being drunk and want Dr. Drew fired!

Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In premiere in back-to-back episodes beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 year ago

Maci is probably on medication for her PTSD. She just has to adjust to it. Stop talking like she is a drug addict! You know better than that. As for Dr. Drew he had no business asking that of the girls. We all know who what’s to talk about it. Shame on him. He needs to apologize to those girls.