Teen Mom OG: Mackenzie McKee wishes husband Josh happy birthday, explains why she doesn’t use filters

Mackenzie and Josh McKee of Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee wished her husband Josh a happy birthday and told her fans why she never uses filters on social media. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG took to social media to wish her husband, Josh a happy birthday and explained to her followers why she never uses filters in her pics.

The 26-year-old MTV personality shared a pic of herself with Josh at the waterfront, with his hands around her waist from behind as their faces touched side to side.

She simply captioned her post, “Happy birthday to Josh. The big 28[.]”

Mackenzie and her family have been spending lots of time on the water

The mom of three shared that the family rented a boat last week, and in one post to Instagram, shared a selfie of herself on a boat in a black and white striped bikini top and low-cut black bikini bottoms.

She captioned her post, “You get what you give….. that’s why you will never go wrong with being generous and kind. Trust me, it all comes back to you.”

When one fan noticed that Mackenzie’s photo was untouched, they remarked, “I love that you don’t edit your photos [clapping emoji]”

Mackenzie wants her fans to recognize her in person

Mackenzie read the fan’s comment and replied, “@marshan_93I gotta make sure when people meet me in real life they are not shocked [laughing sweating emoji]. It would not be fair to you all who follow me to alter my photos.”

Fans of Mackenzie’s have long chastised Josh for his treatment towards her on the show, with some even accusing him of emotional abuse.

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Mackenzie wants her fans to recognize her in person, so she doesn’t use filters on her pics. Pic credit: @mackenziemckee/Instagram

The Teen Mom star called herself and Josh “the couple nobody wants together” in a post last month as a sarcastic statement about her marriage and how much flak she receives for it.

Mackenzie picked up from Oklahoma to Florida when she was offered a big career advancement, initially leaving Josh behind. After some time apart, the two have since tried to work things out for the sake of their three kids.

What fans see on the show doesn’t always match Mackenzie and Josh’s off-screen relationship

Fans of the show often get to see a different side of Josh, especially lately, when he isn’t filming for the show. Mackenzie often shares videos of the couple goofing off, usually doing some type of stunt or dancing.

In one of her latest posts showing Josh having fun, she told followers that she wished she and her husband were represented “more accurately” on the show.

Until Teen Mom OG begins filming for a new season, Mackenzie has plenty to keep her busy between her marriage, three kids, and her fitness business.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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