Teen Mom OG fans laugh at Jen Edwards for accusing Taylor McKinney of being jealous of Ryan Edwards

Jen and Larry Edwards at the Teen Mom OG reunion
Teen Mom OG fans laugh as Jen Edwards accused Taylor McKinney of being jealous of Ryan Edwards. Pic credit: MTV

Things became tense between Taylor McKinney and Jen and Larry Edwards on part two of the Teen Mom OG reunion.

During their segment, Taylor argued with Jen and Larry about their son Ryan Edwards.

Taylor was frustrated that Ryan has failed to step up to be a father to Bentley and he also didn’t like the way Bentley was treated in the situation.

Taylor felt that Jen and Larry have continued to enable their son while also putting pressure on Bentley to have a relationship with Ryan even though he has been uncomfortable.

Jen and Larry both became agitated as Taylor and his wife, Maci Bookout, eventually stormed off of the set.

Jen said that she had had enough of all of the drama and even said she was “done with the show.”

When Dr. Drew tried to reason with them and get them to understand why Taylor was so upset, Jen said she thought Taylor was just jealous of Ryan.

Jen’s accusation caused quite a reaction in Teen Mom OG fans as many felt it was an extremely comical accusation.

Fans laughed after Jen accused Taylor of being jealous of Ryan

Teen Mom OG fans thought it was hysterical when Jen tried to justify Taylor’s anger with Ryan. She accused Taylor of being jealous of Ryan, but many did not see it that way at all.

Fans took to Instagram to share their reactions as one fan noted they “laughed out loud” when Jen made her comment.

A fan "laughed out loud" at Jen's comment.
A fan ‘laughed out loud’ at Jen’s comment Pic credit: @chriss_y_piss_y_/Instagram

A Teen Mom fan page noted that they thought Jen’s statement was completely absurd.

A Teen Mom fanpage thought Jen's accusation was absurd
A Teen Mom fanpage thought Jen’s accusation was absurd. Pic credit: @teenmomchatter/Instagram

Another fan was in such disbelief at Jen’s comment that she almost “spit out” her water and couldn’t believe Taylor would ever be jealous of Ryan.

A fan almost spit out their water when Jen made her accusation
A fan almost spit out their water when Jen made her accusation. Pic credit: @arondeau92014/Instagram

Another follower felt that Ryan was the one who should be jealous of Taylor. They also felt that Taylor was “one of the best things that has happened to Bentley.”

A fan thinks Ryan is the one jealous of Taylor
A fan thinks Ryan is the one jealous of Taylor Pic credit: @annettew1965/Instagram

Fans continue to support Taylor and praise him for being there for Bentley

Amid his ongoing feud with the Edwards family, Teen Mom OG fans have continued to praise Taylor for everything he has done to support Bentley.

Taylor has stepped up in Ryan’s absence and has fiercely defended Maci and Bentley.

Maci and Taylor recently added merchandise to their clothing line and threw shade at Ryan and his wife Mackenzie Edwards in the process.

One of the shirts had the hashtag #TEAMTAYLOR and was put up for sale following the reunion.

Taylor has yet to comment on Jen’s accusation that he is jealous of Ryan, but it’s obvious that the fans do not agree with her.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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