Teen Mom OG fans defend Taylor McKinney after Ryan Edwards blasted him

Taylor McKinney and Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom OG
Fans came to Taylor McKinney’s defense after Ryan Edwards slammed him following the Teen Mom OG reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Recently, Teen Mom OG fans watched as Taylor McKinney went head to head with Larry Edwards during part one of the reunion.

Tension was high as Maci Bookout, and Taylor sat across from Jen and Larry Edwards and talked about the situation between Ryan Edwards and Bentley.

Taylor reminded the Edwards family that Bentley was just a child and the pressure they put on him was unfair. He also felt that Ryan should be held more accountable for his lack of involvement in Bentley’s life.

At one point, Taylor had some choice words to say about Ryan and referred to him as their “piece of crap son.”

After part one of the reunion aired, Ryan spoke to The Sun and slammed Taylor for the way he acted at the reunion.

He referred to Taylor as a “punk b***h” for the things that he said about him and added, “People do that because they feel incompetent, threatened or less than whatever makes him feel that way. He could be like my one-year-old that does stuff like that for attention.”

Ryan said that being let go from the show was a “blessing in disguise,” and he was happy to no longer be involved in it.

Following Ryan’s comments, Teen Mom OG fans quickly came to Taylor’s defense and felt that Ryan was in no position to make statements against him.

Teen Mom OG fans defend Taylor McKinney

After hearing Ryan slam Taylor, Teen Mom OG fans were quick to come to Taylor’s defense.

In the past, Taylor has been praised for stepping up for Bentley, and many fans think that he’s been an amazing father.

One fan noted that Bentley would grow to be a good person due to Taylor and Maci and their role in Bentley’s life and thought that Ryan and his family probably knew that was the truth somewhere inside of them.

A fan defends Taylor against Ryan
A fan defends Taylor against Ryan. Pic credit: @_.araly/Instagram

Another fan chimed in and referred to Taylor as a “real man.” They also noted that Larry needed to stop enabling Ryan as he has for so many years.

A fan referred to Taylor as a 'real man'
A fan referred to Taylor as a ‘real man.’ Pic credit:

Others felt that Taylor was just speaking the truth and Ryan couldn’t handle hearing it.

A follower thought Ryan couldn't handle hearing the truth
A follower thought Ryan couldn’t handle hearing the truth. Pic credit: @lesyvette_/Instagram

It’s clear fans have a loyalty to Taylor and feel that he’s been more supportive to Bentley as a stepfather than Ryan has as his biological dad.

Taylor and Larry went head to head

During their segment of the reunion, Larry was extremely short when speaking about Bentley and became particularly frustrated while addressing a comment made earlier in the season about Bentley being in an unsafe situation while visiting with their family.

Both Maci and Jen attempted to calm Taylor and Larry down as the two of them became more and more heated. Things erupted after Taylor referred to Ryan as a “piece of s**t.”

Their segment ended right as the argument really started to take off, but previews of next week show that the fight is far from over.

Fans can tune in to the second part of the Teen Mom OG reunion next week to see what happens next between Maci, Taylor, and the Edwards family.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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