Teen Mom 2: New arrest warrant issued for Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska during an episode of Teen Mom 2
A warrant was issued for Adam Lind’s arrest after he failed to pay child support to Chelsea Houska. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s ex-boyfriend Adam Lind has faced several legal issues in the past.

Adam is the father of Chelsea’s oldest daughter Aubree and has not always been a supportive father. He’s often failed to show up to visits and has even stood Aubree up for events such as father-daughter dances.

Thankfully, Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer has stepped up to be a support to Aubree and has been a more stable father figure in her life.

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Adam also has a daughter named Paislee who he shares with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur. Three years ago, Adam signed his parental rights away after failing to be there for her as well and Taylor’s husband officially adopted her.

Fans often wondered why Adam didn’t do the same for Aubree knowing that he was not fulfilling his role as a father. Now he now has a warrant out for his arrest due to his failure to provide child support in her case.

Warrant issued for Adam’s arrest after failing to pay child support

The warrant claims that Adam “failed to comply with the court’s order for compliance” by not paying child support to Chelsea, according to The Sun.

Adam’s bail was reportedly set at $2,000 and the warrant stated that “Upon release by court, the bond will be paid over to the Division of Child Support to be applied towards” his debt.

In 2020, Adam received the same bail amount when he was arrested for apparently not paying the support he owed.

The current warrant, which appears to still be active, states that authorities should apprehend Adam “either in the daytime or in the nighttime” and bring him to court.

Adam’s past legal issues

Adam has a long history of legal issues in addition to the latest warrant, and has been in trouble with the law over several different incidents.

On the latest season of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea contemplated taking Adam and his parents to court over their custody agreement for Aubree. Oftentimes, because Adam was not around, Aubree is said to have spent time with Adam’s parents instead.

During an episode, Aubree expressed that she did not want to go to her grandparent’s house and that she preferred to stay with Chelsea, Cole, and her siblings.

It remains to be seen whether the latest warrant for Adam’s arrest will be enough to push him to sign over his parental rights for Aubree like he did for his daughter Paislee.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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