Chelsea Houska is ready to take Adam Lind and his parents back to court over custody agreement for Aubree

Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2.
Chelsea may have to revisit the court agreement with Adam Lind. Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea Houska is dealing with possibly going back to court with daughter, Aubree. This was mentioned on the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2 after it was clear the little girl was less than enthused about spending time with her dad’s parents.

Adam Lind has not been an active part of Aubree’s life for several years. He stopped filming Teen Mom 2, but she was still seeing his parents.

Now, the time has come where Aubree has vocalized her desire to stay home and spend time with Chelsea and Cole DeBoer or her friends instead.

What is the next step for Chelsea Houska?

On Teen Mom 2, she mentioned modifying the court order she currently has in place. Chelsea Houska wants to make sure she is doing what is best for Aubree and based on what the last several episodes have shown, it’s time to change up the custody agreement and let Aubree spend more time at home.

Aubree has made several comments about her Grandma Donna and her dad since getting a cellphone. There was an awkward scene in the car when Chelsea revealed she had given Aubree’s grandmother her phone number and she wasn’t happy about it.

That was really a big deal for the Teen Mom 2 star, who has done her best to make sure her daughter has had all the love she could get from all parties involved.

Another moment that has Chelsea questioning the visitation agreement happened when she discussed seeing Adam Lind text Aubree. It was short and simple, but no conversation took place. It was clear that it broke Chelsea’s heart. That is when she mentioned modifying the court order. After all, Cole DeBoer has been in the dad role for years now.

Will Adam Lind walk away from Aubree?

After splitting from Chelsea Houska, Adam Lind had another daughter, Paislee. He has since relinquished his rights to her.

Taylor Halbur and Paislee both appeared on Teen Mom 2. They often filmed with Chelsea and Aubree. The two women frequently discussed Adam and his lack of support during their meetings while allowing the girls to have a relationship.

Now, Chelsea has to make a decision about what she wants for Aubree’s future. Cole DeBoer has said that he wants to be her dad, without a doubt, several times over.

Will things change with Adam Lind’s relationship with their daughter, or will Chelsea have to make a move and sever ties?

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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