Teen Mom 2: Aubree gets upset when Chelsea Houska gives Grandma Donna her number

Chelsea and Aubree on Teen Mom 2.
Aubree isn’t happy to learn Chelsea gave Grandma Donna her number on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Aubree Lind is growing up, and the daughter of Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has a lot of opinions about her life right now.

Last week, viewers watched as stepdad Cole DeBoer took Aubree to get her first cell phone. It was a big deal for the little girl who had been begging for one of her own. Now, it looks like Chelsea may have overstepped when it comes to giving Aubree’s number to her paternal grandmother Donna.

What does Aubree say to Chelsea on Teen Mom 2?

On tonight’s all-new Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska picks up Aubree from school, and as they drive away, their plans for the evening are discussed. They plan to take family pictures, so they’re working under a time crunch.

Chelsea tells Aubree that Grandma Donna would be picking her up from town after the photos were taken. The Teen Mom 2 star tells her daughter that she went ahead and gave Grandma Donna her number.

Aubree’s reaction wasn’t what Chelsea expected. Aubree was upset that her mom gave Grandma Donna her number. Chelsea was shocked by her daughter’s response but revealed to her that she would be the bad guy if anything happened that upset Aubree. That appeared to be a good enough answer for the 10-year-old and things seemed to be okay by the time they got out of the car and headed into the house.

Why would Aubree not want Grandma Donna to have her number?

Things between Chelsea Houska and the Linds haven’t been easy. She has attempted to do what is right for Aubree at every turn, but Aubree’s dad Adam Lind and his mother Donna haven’t always made that easy.

Currently, Adam is not allowed to be around Aubree when she is at his parents’ house. He has been in and out of her life since the beginning, with a small streak of being consistent and responsible when he was with his second baby mama Taylor. All of that has since changed, though- Adam relinquished his rights to Paislee and is no longer legally or financially responsible for her.

Things have been complicated with Aubree and her relationship with her dad and grandma as she has gotten older. Teen Mom 2 viewers saw some pushback about going to her Grandma Donna’s house in older episodes.

As Aubree continues to grow and enter her teenage years, she may not want to spend time with the Lind side of the family. Chelsea Houska continues to handle the situation with grace, always having her daughter’s back.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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