Teen Mom 2: When did Adam Lind sign his parental rights to Paislee away? Is he still Aubree’s father?

Adam Lind filming Teen Mom 2
Adam Lind signs away his parental rights. Pic credit: MTV

Adam Lind didn’t make a good name for himself on Teen Mom 2. Viewers have watched for years as he has been in and out of Aubree’s life, leaving Chelsea Houska to deal with the fallout.

Currently, Adam Lind is no longer filming Teen Mom 2. It has been a while since he appeared on screen, something that has been mentioned frequently. As the new season of Teen Mom 2 plays out, more about Lind’s life is being brought to light.

Visitation with Aubree is canceled

At the beginning of the season of Teen Mom 2, viewers learned that Adam Lind was supposed to get visitation with Aubree at a safe place. He was to arrive a few minutes before visitation so that when Chelsea Houska dropped her daughter off, the two would not cross.

He missed the first appointment, and as Chelsea Houska and Aubree were driving to the center, they called to tell her he had not shown up. The mother and daughter duo were told that they would try again the following week, which turned out the same way.

Because Adam Lind didn’t show up twice in a row, visitation was canceled with Aubree. Now that she is older, she is beginning to understand what is going on, leaving Chelsea Houska to feel heartbroken for her little girl.

The termination of Adam Lind’s parental rights to Paislee

Last September, Adam Lind went to court with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Halbur. He decided to terminate his parental rights to his second child Paislee, allowing her to be adopted by the man her mom married.

This is discussed in the most current episode of Teen Mom 2. Chelsea Houska gets a call where she learns that Adam Lind signed over his right’s to Aubree’s little sister Paislee. The discussion comes up about his lack of presence in Aubree’s life, and whether Cole DeBoer would adopt her if he signed away his rights.

Although it looks like Lind isn’t going to let Aubree go, if he did, DeBoer would be there to step in. He has proven his love for Houska and her daughter, even taking part in the daddy and daughter dances over the last few years.

It is unclear where things are headed when it comes to Adam Lind and his role in Aubree’s life. Chelsea Houska has found her fairytale ending with Cole DeBoer. They are one big, happy family now.

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