Adam Lind signs away rights to daughter Paislee: What does this mean for Chelsea Houska and Aubree?

Adam Lind at the Teen Mom 2 reunion
Adam Lind is no longer responsible for Paislee after a court hearing. Pic credit: MTV

Adam Lind was arguably one of the most-hated Teen Mom dads. While he did have some competition, what he put Chelsea Houska through was something many fans of the show could never forget.

Things have been on the steady decline for Adam Lind since his last appearance on Teen Mom 2. Rumors floated around about a possible substance abuse issue and things with his long-term girlfriend seemed to be falling apart.

Teen Mom 2 viewers last saw Adam Lind appear on Season 7, which was over a year ago. Chelsea Houska has been doing her best to keep her daughter Aubree safe, including filing paperwork to have Lind’s visits adjusted.

He has been arrested several times over the years, something that hasn’t gone over well with Chelsea Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer. They have tried their best to save Aubree from the reality of who her dad is and cover for him when he doesn’t show up.

Aubree has a little half-sister, Paislee. The two have been seen playing together on Teen Mom 2 and Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur appeared to get along for the most part. After all, their children are siblings.

The Ashley scored exclusive details about Adam Lind and his daughter Paislee. He apparently signed his rights over and Taylor Halbur’s husband was able to adopt the little girl immediately. The news definitely shocked fans who remembered that Lind has been arrested for falling behind on child support with Paislee.

Could this case help Chelsea Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, keep Aubree safe? There has been some talk about her husband adopting Aubree. In fact, she had her name hyphened to include DeBoer after they realized she wanted to be included in their family unit.

It may be harder for Adam Lind to agree to let Aubree go. She is his claim to fame and if the rumors about his dire situation prove to be true, he definitely needs the money the show could provide.

As of right now, Chelsea Houska has not confirmed whether or not she would attempt to get Adam Lind to sign away his rights to Aubree. There is hope that maybe one day things will change in the dynamic but as of now, everything appears to be running smoothly.

Teen Mom 2 has officially ended for the season but it is expected back in early 2019 on MTV.

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