Teen Mom 2: Lauren Comeau sets the record straight after Javi Marroquin said he’s at her house daily

Javi Marroquin on Teen Mom 2
Lauren Comeau let fans know the truth about her relationship with Javi Marroquin. Pic credit: MTV

Lauren Comeau set the record straight for Teen Mom 2 fans after Javi Marroquin shared some misleading information about their relationship.

Javi and Lauren have been split up since last year following Kail Lowry’s accusations that Javi tried to hook up with her.

Since that time, Javi has shared various messages with his followers about taking time to reflect on his mistakes, and at one point, he even turned to prayer to help guide him.

Lauren spent a lot of time with her family in Maine and purchased a new home in Delaware so that she could successfully co-parent with Javi and do what’s best for their son Eli.

Javi recently spoke out about wanting to make things right with Lauren, but she didn’t seem too fond of what he had to say. She and Kail Lowry both seemingly shaded Javi in separate Instagram posts.

To make matters more complicated, Javi shared a conversation he had with an internet troll who was making accusations about having a relationship with Lauren. When Javi replied, he stated that he was spending a lot of time with Lauren and would be with her “forever.”

After seeing the post, Lauren set the record straight on the current status of their relationship.

Lauren Comeau sets the record straight on her relationship with Javi Marroquin

A Teen Mom fanpage shared a post of Javi’s conversation with the troll.

The person called him a “cheater” and said that “no one was ever going to feel sorry” for him. They also told Javi that he would see his truck parked at Lauren’s house whenever he drove by.

Javi was quick to respond with laughing emojis and wrote, “LOL come inside. I’m there everyday [wink face emoji]”

The troll then referred to Lauren as “stupid” for taking him back after he cheated on her.

Javi then replied saying that Lauren was his “forever” and referred to the person as a “loser.”

After seeing the post, Lauren shared the screenshot of the conversation to her Instagram stories and made it clear that the things Javi said were “100% false.”

She wrote, “Javi and I are not together. Co parenting our son. And this bullsh*t rumor / interaction Javi had with a troll is f**king ridiculous. I’ve already dealt with Javi but I’m done letting other people make up rumors / speak for me.”

Javi reacts after seeing Lauren’s response

After the fan page showed Lauren’s response, Javi commented on the post and had a lot to say about the situation.

He wrote, “I just don’t post my private relationship I have with Lauren. We have enough sh*t to deal with without trolls thinking they know what’s best for our family.”

He then apologized for the way he handled the internet troll and said, “My bad I had some fun with a troll today but I’m tired of y’all thinking you know when y’all have nooo idea.”

Javi responds after seeing Lauren's response
Javi responds after seeing Lauren’s reaction. Pic credit: @javim9/Instagram

While Lauren and Javi were spotted recently at dinner together celebrating a friend’s birthday, it seems as if the two of them may not be getting back together after all.

It looks like Javi still remains hopeful that the two of them can work it out, but Lauren has made it clear that they are strictly co-parenting.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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