Teen Mom 2 fans speculate why Vee Rivera and Kail Lowry had a falling out

Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera had a falling out recently and fans guessed why. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 veteran Kail Lowry and her podcast co-host, Vee Rivera recently had a falling out, and fans of the show are speculating the possible reasons why.

Kail and Vee reportedly had a falling out after Kail recorded an episode for their podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama, without Vee.

On the podcast episode, Kail spoke with fellow Teen Mom 2 castmate and BFF, Leah Messer, about her daughter Ali’s muscular dystrophy.

During the beginning of the episode, Kail told her listeners, “We’re on air with another episode of Baby Mamas No Drama and I’m here solo today. There have been some scheduling conflicts and other things going on so I’m taking on this episode with Leah by myself.”

Vee later took it upon herself to somewhat clear the air about a tiff between herself and Kail. Vee used her Instagram stories to address the rumors.

“Me and Kail decided that we’re going to, like, kinda do episodes separately till we get our s**t together. There’s a lot going on, but we’re fine – I’m actually filming with her later [sic], but we’re okay. I just don’t want you guys to, like, worry too much. We’re just, you know, we have to work through some things. It’s normal, but the show must go on,” Vee told her followers.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 are guessing what caused the rift between Kail and Vee

Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Teen Mom 2 fans discussed why they think Kail and Vee had a falling out. Pic credit: u/srhdbvg/Reddit

One fan of Teen Mom 2 opened a poll on Reddit for other fans of the show to vote on why they think Kail and Vee had a rift that caused them to record their podcast separately.

The choices given by the Reddit user were labeled as “The NDA, Jo’s mom moving in caused some dramz, Isaac not wanting to go to his dads on last weeks episode, Kail literally being Kail, and Other (post in comments).”

Kail revealed on a recent episode of Baby Mamas No Drama that she had her cohost, Vee, sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), along with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

The majority of viewers voted for “Kail literally being Kail,” which received 1.4k of the total 1.9k votes.

Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
One Teen Mom 2 fan claimed to have MTV insider information about Kail and Vee’s fallout. Pic credit: u/srhdbvg/Reddit

One Reddit user who commented on the thread claimed to have insider knowledge from MTV’s production crew.

Is Kail feuding with her baby daddy and Vee’s husband Jo Rivera?

“I was told by someone who works on production it was over Jo finding out that they feed Isaac lines,” the Teen Mom 2 fan commented.

The same fan provided some detailed information about Isaac supposedly being “fed lines” for Teen Mom 2. On the last episode, Isaac voiced that he wasn’t excited about going to his dad, Jo’s, for visitation.

According to the Reddit user, MTV told Isaac to say he didn’t want to go to Jo’s house and used it for Kail’s storyline, which reportedly didn’t sit well with Kail’s baby daddy, Jo.

When other Reddit users asked about Isaac being fed lines for the show, they elaborated, “That they had Isaac say he didn’t want to go to his [dad’s] house, they used it to frame a story and Jo was upset, not that Isaac said it but that he was told to say it.”

They continued, “He threatened to remove Isaac from filming and Kail then said she would drop Vee from the podcast but she can’t because they have a legal contract and Kail doesn’t own Baby Mamas No Drama.”

Kail is no stranger to controversy when it comes to those close to her

The 29-year-old mom of four recently cut ties with her longtime friend, Mark Allen. Reportedly, the two got into an argument over vacation plans, which resulted in them unfollowing and taking jabs at each other on social media.

Kail was involved in a major feud with her fellow Teen Mom 2 cast member, Briana DeJesus, earlier this season. After Kail didn’t film her domestic issues with her ex, Chris Lopez, Briana called her out, and the two went back and forth for weeks over the matter.

It looks like Kail and Vee still have some more issues to sort out before they cohost their podcast together again, if at all. For the time being, the podcast’s name, Baby Mamas No Drama, has become what seems like an ill-suited title.

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