Teen Mom 2: Vee Rivera shares update on podcast drama with Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom 2 star Vee Rivera admits she has issues to work through with Kailyn Lowry and their podcast
Vee River dishes on podcast drama with Kailyn Lowry. Pic credit: MTV

There is drama brewing between Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry and Vee Rivera and it has now affected their podcast, Baby Mamas no Drama.

The title of the show seems quite ironic now given what’s going on between Vee and Kailyn and it’s also quite unfortunate because they’ve been getting along very well for a few years now.

Since we still don’t know what transpired between the women, it’s hard to tell if the MTV stars will be able to mend things and go back to co-hosting the show together, but for right now that’s not happening.

Kailyn hosted the last podcast solo and told her listeners that something transpired within the last week and she plans to continue with the podcast by herself. The mom-of-four didn’t share any specific details as to what occurred between her and Vee, but it must have been major enough for Kailyn to think Vee had called it quits with the podcast.

However, Vee just shared her update about Baby Mamas no Drama and as it turns out she’s still a part of the show. However, she and Kailyn will not be hosting the episodes together.

Vee Rivera talks podcast drama with Kailyn Lowry

The Teen Mom 2 star recently took to social media after news hit the blogs about a possible rift with Kailyn.

In an Instagram Live video, Vee shared an update about what’s going on with the podcast and how she and Kailyn plan to move forward.

“I just wanted to hop on here cause so many people were DMing me and asking me what happened to me on the podcast and stuff like that,” said Vee. “I’m actually… I’m doing an episode, so I’ll be on Tuesday. It will just be me and my best friend. We’re gonna do an episode.”

She continued, “Me and Kail decided that we’re going to like kinda do episodes separately till we get our s**t together, there’s a lot going on, but we’re fine– I’m actually filming with her later whatever, but we’re okay. I just don’t want you guys to like worry too much, we’re just, you know, we have to work through some things, it’s normal, but the show must go on.”

Vee Rivera and Kailyn Lowry will do podcast seperately

The Teen Mom 2 star continued to talk about the podcast and noted that she was excited to be doing solo episodes.

“So I will be having my own episode next week, and then she’ll have like her episode…but we are still here, we’re still gonna podcast, and I can’t wait,” shared Vee.

She added, “Yeah, just don’t worry, you guys everything’s fine, I’m still here, so love you guys, and I wanted to give you an update, so I hope you have an amazing rest of your day.”

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