Teddi Mellencamp’s postpartum picture proves that even celebrities have to work to get their body back after birth

Teddi Mellencamp is honest abouther post baby body.
RHOBH’s Teddi Mellencamp is getting real about life and body after baby. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp’s postpartum picture proves that even celebrities have to work to get their body back after birth. Teddi welcomed her third child with her husband, Edwin Arroyave, last week.

Teddi and Edwin announced the birth of their daughter, Dove, on social media. The couple had previously revealed their third child was a girl. They are already parents to son Cruz and daughter Slate. Based on Teddi and Edwin’s social media accounts, the older kids are in love with their little sister.

Teddi gets real about post-baby body

There is a misconception that a celebrity gives birth and then instantly has their pre-baby body back. Well, that is just a myth that many famous faces are proving untrue as they work to empower women to accept their bodies.

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One week after giving birth, Teddi is speaking out about her post-baby body. She posted a selfie of what she looked like one week after baby Dove was born. The caption was Teddi explaining her postpartum reality and being honest regarding how challenging it can be while relishing in the reward of it all.

“It is embracing and loving this body of mine. It is lots of laughs when Cruz asks why my stomach hasn’t deflated,” she said in part of her message, referring to the picture, where some would think she is still pregnant.

Teddi reminds her followers that every single motherhood journey, especially right after giving birth, is different. She wants to be open and honest with her followers in the hopes it may help other mothers.

Life with baby Dove

In the same Instagram message, Teddi reveals that Edwin lights up every time he sees their precious angel. The reality TV star also shared that she is filled with pride, watching her two older children interact with their new sibling.

Life, after giving birth and adjusting to having another child, is challenging. It is not all joy and happiness. Teddi didn’t gloss over the parts no one wants to talk about to paint a picture-perfect life with a newborn.

“It is a flood of emotions when multiple lactation specialists tell you that only your right breast is able to breastfeed the baby due to scarring on the left. It is trying to calm your mind when you are continuously running all the hypotheticals of every scenario in your head. It is a constant reminder to live in the moment and feel all the highs and lows that a new baby brings,” she shared.

Last but not least, the RHOBH star expressed her undying gratitude for all of her family and friends who have been there to help her out. The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is true.

Teddi Mellencamp shared a candid selfie proving even celebrities have to work to get their body back after having a baby. Due to her keeping it real, fans have since flooded her post with praise for her honesty.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 will premiere in spring 2020 on Bravo.

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