Tandem Boogie on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes these bodyboards special and where you can buy one

Robert Herjavec riding a Tendem Boogie board.
Robert Herjavec riding a Tendem Boogie board! Pic credit: ABC

On tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, the team behind Tandem Boogie gave the Sharks their pitch for a boogie board fit for two!

The Clark family presented their ideas to series regulars Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, and guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky.

Learning to boogie board made easier

The Tandem Boogie Air is an inflatable boogie board that can be used in both the water and in the snow!

The Tandem Boogie Air’s dimensions 51 x 34 x 4, which is much larger than the average boogie board. This is in order to allow multiple people to share one and ride the waves together. As long as you have room to hang on, Tandem Boogie even said that they have seen three people riding one board at the same time.

There are EVA-safe handles located on the very front of the board and the rails.

The Clark family proudly displaying their product.
The Clark family proudly displaying their product. Pic credit: ABC

The Tandem Boogie website describes it as “the perfect product to get people of all skills into waves and enjoying a fun and safe experience.”

It can be dangerous for small children to bodyboard by themselves, so the Tandem Boogie would allow them to safely learn how to boogie board with a partner. This product can put parents’ minds at ease. The board also features “soft bump-safe technology.”

The Tandem Boogie Air is certainly high-tech; it uses what they call “Dynamic AIR Inflatable Design,” which allows such a large board to only weigh seven pounds.

This design allows you to stay afloat and glide on the water. So basically, it makes surfing the waves easier!

The company reports it is made “from military grade high density and extremely durable PVC material -the same material used in Zodiac boats and used by Greenpeace and the US Military.”

Also, it includes a camera mount where any GoPro model can capture some amazing videos of the fun in the sun.

Where to buy Tandem Boogie

The original price is $459 but it is now selling for $399 on the Tandem Boogie website. Plus, Shark Tank viewers can get $100 off with the promo code: SHARKTANK.

Each board comes with an air pump and a backpack that the foldable Tandem Boogie Air can be stored in. It is available in the color combinations pink/teal and orange/blue.

The company also sells swim fins and tandem surfboards.

Tandem Boogie is a family business

The Clarks trying to sell their boards to the Sharks.
The Clarks trying to sell their boards to the Sharks. Pic credit: ABC

The company is based out of California beach city San Clemente and is run by the Clark family; the parents, John and Manya, and their children Alleanna, Juliette, and Lyla.

In an interview with the Orange County Register, John divulged exactly how they came up with the idea for Tandem Boogie.

“The concept of sharing waves on the same board clicked that day. Just that thrill when you get picked up and ride the wave together with someone close to you,” he explained. “That became the tradition for us.”

They have been dreaming of going on Shark Tank for a long time. Their website reads: “Our goal from the beginning was to make riding waves accessible to everyone & Shark Tank has allowed our vision to become reality.”

After this week’s amazing pitches- Chill Systems, Totes Babies, and Misfit Foots— what is coming up in the future? Will the sharks take the bait?

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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