Misfit Foods on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this food company unique and where you can buy it

Misfit Foods is a exciting new product featured on Shark Tank.
Misfit Foods was created to reduce food waste and help the environment. Pic credit: ABC

Misfit Foods on Shark Tank is a food company with a unique and healthy twist that has people talking. Fans of the ABC reality TV show are asking a lot of questions about the product, especially where it can be bought.

The mission of Misfits Foods is all about creating healthier people and a healthier planet. Misfits Food works to reduce food waste, pollution, and consumption of animal products.

What makes Misfit Foods unique?

Best friends Ann Yang and Phil Wong are the brains behind Misfit Foods. The company was initially launched in 2014 as a cold-pressed juice company. Misfit Juice upcycled fruit and vegetables that couldn’t be sold in stores.

In 2019, Phil and Ann pivoted the concept towards becoming a sausage company aimed towards more plant-based products. The goal was to reduce meat consumption while allowing consumers not to make a drastic lifestyle change.

Misfit Foods turned into a chicken sausage-making company. The company combines chicken with veggies and spices that don’t compromise taste or texture.

There is also a line of grass-fed, grass-finished ground beef mixed with 40% veggies and spices. Beet Gochujang and Lao Curry Carrot are the current two flavors.

Where can you buy Misfit Foods?

Misfits Foods has been quite successful over the past two years. The company features chicken sausages that come in the flavors Kale Chimichurri, Sweet Potato Andouille, Squash Sweet Italian, and Lao Curry Carrot.

On the company website, a Shark Tank sample pack can be purchased. The bundle includes two packages of Sweet Potato Andouille Chicken Sausage, one pack of Kabocha Squash Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage, one pack of Kale Chimichurri Chicken Sausage, and one pound of Lao Curry Carrot Ground Beef for $39.99.

It appears that right now, Misfits Foods can only be purchased in bundles on the website. Customers can choose from Suacie Sesh, Beef It Up, and Peak Ownivore bundles too.

Thanks to the publicity of being on Shark Tank, consumers will wait for one to four weeks for their items.

Those looking to buy Misfits Food products sooner can check out Good Eggs, Fresh Direct, Imperfect Foods, and Whole Foods for items. Availability of products depends on the store and location.

The idea behind Misfits Food seems pretty cool and unique. However, a deal with one of the sharks will depend on taste and just what kind of cash Phil and Ann need for expansion.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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