Walkee Paws on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes these dog leggings special and where to buy them

What is Walkee Paws on Shark Tank?
Walkee Paws are the first leggings created to for dogs to keep them clean. Pic credit: ABC

Walkee Paws on Shark Tank is a new product that has piqued fans of the show’s interest. People can’t stop asking about the dog leggings and where to buy them.

Anyone who owns a dog knows their paws get filthy from walks and playing outside. Dogs have sensitive paws, which can be harmed when walking due to salt on sidewalks and pavement that is too hot.

Walkee Paws was designed to help not only protect dogs but also help owners keep their homes clean.

What makes Walkee Paws dog leggings special?

Lisa Baronoff is the entrepreneur behind Walkee Paws, which is being dubbed the first-ever leggings for dogs. The hybrid dog shoes-boots-socks protect a dog’s paws from all the grit, grime, dirt, and harm that can be caused by walking on the ground.

Like many dog owners, Lisa’s pups hated traditional dog booties, and so did she. Since Lisa lived in Manhattan, so dog booties were a necessity. She decided to come up with a solution that Lisa and her dogs loved.

Walkee Paws also prevent dogs from slipping and falling while walking, especially in the winter months. The leggings are also great for older dogs when walking inside on wood floors.

Yes, the invention comes in indoor and outdoor styles, so there is no cross-contamination. All of the leggings are easy to put on, adjustable, and provide comfort not found in other dog booties.

Where to buy Walkee Paws?

All Walkee Paws products can be purchased on the company website.

Besides the outdoor and indoor leggings, the company sells liner socks, coats, leashes, and harnesses. The leggings run around $40 a pair and can be cleaned by simply rinsing them with water.

Since the leggings were launched in 2018, Lisa and Walkee Paws have gained a slew of media attention. They have earned praise from The Hallmark Channel, Real Simple magazine, and Good Day Sacramento.

Dog owners may be skeptical of Walkee Paws leggings after dealing with ineffective dog booties. The website has many reviews from owners who stand by the leggings. Customers even rave about the difference from previous products.

There’s such a demand for Walkee Paws that some of the leggings are sold out on the website. One reason Lisa might be turning to Shark Tank could be the help increase production.

Walkee Paws on Shark Tank is taking off like crazy. Lisa’s appearance on the ABC reality TV show will certainly only heighten dog owners’ interest in the leggings.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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