NightCap on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this scrunchie special and where you can buy it

Shark Tank; What is the Nightcap product.
The vision for NightCap came to creator in a dream. Pic credit: ABC

NightCap on Shark Tank is a unique item that fans of the ABC reality TV show will be asking where to find it and what makes the scrunchie so special.

The product was created as a solution to help prevent people’s drinks from being spiked. It’s a dangerous and serious problem, especially for college students.

Thanks to a brother and sister team, NightCap can help.

What makes NightCap scrunchie so special?

Florida natives Shirah Benarde and her brother Michael are the people behind the new safety gadget.

NightCap is a drink prevention cover made of a nylon and spandex combination. It fits over the top of all drinking glasses.

There’s also a small hole perfect for any straw. NightCap hides inside a scrunchie, making it fashionable and easy to carry.

According to the NightCap website, Shirah was 16 years old when the safety gadget idea came to her in a dream. After hearing too many horror stories of drinks being spiked at bars and parties, Shirah wanted to find a solution to the problem.

The teen knew the gadget had to be something versatile that all females would feel comfortable using. Shirah created a prototype out of a pair of her mother’s pantyhose and a scrunchie.

When Michael came home from college that summer, he was intrigued by Shirah’s creation. Together they spent months perfecting the product, which is reusable and convenient.

Shirah and Michael are proud of the product and believe it can prevent drinks from getting spiked. They also remind people that using NightCap doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave a drink unattended. NightCap helps deter drinking spiking but doesn’t guarantee safety.

The product can also be used at the beach or on a picnic to prevent bugs and nastiness from getting into a drink.

Where can you buy NightCap?

NightCap can be purchased on the company website, individually for $11.99 or in a package of four for $39.99. There’s also a kit featuring a NightCap with a straw for $15.99.

The product comes only in black right now.

NightCap ships to over 46 countries, including Ireland, Germany, and Australia.

Even if one of the sharks doesn’t bite, Shirah and Michael Benarde hope the attention will increase product sales. NightCap has already gained attention from being featured on FOX’s Business Network and in USA Today.

Vassar College Store started carrying NightCap in January 2020. Michael and Shirah are looking to get other colleges to carry the item in their student stores too.

What do you think of NightCap?

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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