All 33 on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this ergonomic chair special and where you can buy it

What is the All 33 Backstrong Chair featured on Shark Tank?
All 33 has become a must-have doctor recommended product for celebrities and athletes. Pic credit: ABC

All 33 on Shark Tank introduces viewers to an ergonomic luxury chair that has been deemed by some pretty famous faces as life-changing.

The company’s CEO, Bing Howenstein, pitching the chair to the sharks’ on Shark Tank will pique fans’ interest in the product for sure.

As work from home and fitness become all the rage, All 33 combines both in a cool product. Let’s take a look at what makes the chair stand out from the rest and how people can get one of their own.

What makes the ergonomic chair special?

According to the website, All 33 Backstrong Chair is an ergonomic office chair that is the only one of its kind. The chair “supports ideal posture and movement to increase flexibility.” It also reduces the strain on a person’s neck and shoulders because the chair is slouch proof.

Thanks to the ergonomic style, All 33 stimulates circulation because it allows for the back and pelvis’s natural movement. Users will feel less fatigue because of increased oxygen levels and better circulation.

Dr. Dennis Colonello designed the All 33 chair. He is not only a world-renowned chiropractor, but Dennis is the Los Angeles Clippers chiropractor. Dennis used Sit In Motion® technology to help develop the ergonomic chair.

Sitting too long and bad posture can lead to several health issues. Now with All 33 people have a game-changing option that can reverse the harmful effects of too much sitting.

All 33 has caught the eye of several celebrities and athletes. Singer Justin Bieber even appears on Shark Tank to promote the product.

Other famous faces that can’t live without the chair include Ted Danson, Paula Abdul, Danny Glover, and George Hamilton just to name a few.

Where to buy All 33?

Like many products featured on the hit ABC reality TV show, All 33 can be purchased on the company website.

The chair comes in black, red and black, and tan and black. Along with the color, interested buyers can also choose from a fabric or vegan leather.


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There are so many benefits to the All 33 Backstrong Chair, but the benefits don’t come cheap. All 33 costs $799 with the option of paying $67 a month with Affirm. Now the price appears to be a sale, with the original amount listed as $1,199.

After watching Bing Howenstein’s pitch A11 33 on Shark Tank, viewers of the ABC reality TV show will most certainly want one of their own.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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