Hopscotch on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this kids’ coding app special and where you can buy it

What is the nw Shark Tank product Hopscotch?
HopScotch isn’t the classic kids but it is a game for kids Pic credit: ABC

Hopscotch on Shark Tank has people buzzing about what makes the kids’ coding app so special and where people can buy it.

The word Hopscotch will forever make people think of the fun games kids and adults enjoyed playing outside.

However, the new Hopscotch game is far from what people are used to, but it’s still a fantastic game for kids. Plus, it’s a learning tool that combines fun and knowledge for children.

What makes Hopscotch kids’ coding app special?

Samantha John and Jocelyn Leavitt are the brains behind Hopscotch Technologies. The two entrepreneur friends researched various ideas to launch a business but kept coming back to an app to help children learn to code.

It’s no secret the tech world consists of mostly white males. Jocelyn and Samantha created Hopscotch to help diversify the field. Plus, learning to code or program forces not only kids but anyone to think.

The app is a step-by-step guide for kids ages 10-16 to learn user-friendly coding. Thanks to the bold color and graphic the app keeps children engaged.

Hopscotch allows the user to create a character to their own liking via custom commands and drop-down boxes. It’s a picture-based app, holds kids’ attention longer as opposed to too much reading. Users also get to express their own personalities and styles through their creations.

There are a couple of simple requirements for the app. According to the company website, all users need to know gesture controls, can use a drop-down box, have basic typing skills, and be able to track movements onscreen.

Samantha and Jocelyn have created user guides to help if there are any questions or confusion. The website features various tools for assistance that are easy to read and follow.

Where can you buy Hopscotch kids’ coding app?

Hopscotch can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device.

Although it is a free app, certain advanced functions require a fee or additional costs. The basic app and learning, though, doesn’t cost a thing, which makes the product even more desirable.

Even though Jocelyn and Samantha created the app with kids in mind, it has also proven to be an excellent tool for adults. An active following on Twitter has recently gotten more adults interested in Hopscotch. The company also holds various contests on the social media platform so users can expose their own content if interested.

There’s no question the idea behind Hopscotch is pretty fantastic. Like any startup business, it has struggles, which Samantha and Jocelyn hope to change if one of the sharks bites on the hit ABC reality TV show.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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