The Pizza Cupcake on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes it special and where to buy them

What is The Pizza Cupcake on Shark Tank ?
The Pizza Cupcake is taking pizza to whole new level that adults and kids will enjoy. Pic credit: ABC

The Pizza Cupcake on Shark Tank has fans of the hit ABC reality TV show talking, especially wanting to know where to buy it.

There are many pizza varieties, including pizza rolls, pizza bagels, and yes, the pizza cupcake. Although the product may be new to some Shark Tank fans, it has been around for years.

Michelle Jimenez-Meggiato and Andrea Meggiato are the masterminds behind the delicious snack. Italian native Andrea’s love of food led the couple to the new idea after he grew tired of working in Michelin star restaurants.

At first, Andrea only shared his new food invention with family and friends. The overwhelming response prompted Andrea and Michelle to realize they had an excellent business idea. In 2018, The Pizza Cupcake was born.

What makes The Pizza Cupcake special?

Andrea worked tirelessly to find the right combination of flavors. A trade secret dough creates the cupcake’s outer layer, with San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella, as the filling.

Toppings for the new pizza snack include Margherita with basil and oregano, zucchini, pepperoni, or mushrooms.

The Pizza Cupcake has become a best seller because the smaller size can be enjoyed easier than a pizza slice. There’s less mess, which makes the product an excellent choice for kid’s birthday parties and sporting events.

Andrea and Michelle had several pop-up shops throughout New York City before the coronavirus pandemic. The couple was even becoming a staple at Citi Field, home of the Mets.

Once the pandemic hit, though, Michelle and Andrea shifted their focus to online sales.

Where can The Pizza Cupcake be bought?

The focus on online sales and delivery has proven successful for The Pizza Cupcake, which can be ordered on the company website.

There are 12 pizza cupcakes in one box, with three different purchasing options: The Treat Yourself Pack (one box for $25.99), The Family Fun Pack (two boxes for $49.99), The Pizza Party Pack (three boxes for $69.99).

As of now, the family-owned company ships to most of the United States. Michelle and Andrea hope that one of the sharks will bite on Shark Tank, allowing them to expand the business.

Besides the profit aspect of expanding, the couple wants to give back to those in need more through donations. They currently donate one box for every two boxes sold.

The Pizza Cupcake may not seem like the most genius idea, but the product has people talking.

FORBES named the item the “Best Father’s Day Gifts for Pizza Lovers.” Plus, Andre even appeared on Mariah Carey’s web series, Moments with Mimi.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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