Totes Babies on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes these baby carriers special and where you can buy one

Totes Babies is a unique product on Shark Tank.
Totes Babies is a game changer for parents. Pic credit: ABC

Totes Babies on Shark Tank is a unique baby carrier that solves a major problem for parents. It was created out of pure love.

Fans of the ABC reality TV are intrigued by the product and want to know where they can buy one.

All parents, especially mothers, know the struggle of going shopping with a baby in a car seat. Not only do the car seats not fit properly on a shopping cart, causing safety concerns, but they also leave less room for purchased items.

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Thanks to one father and daughter team, Totes Babies is taking the baby seat carrier to a whole new, safer level.

What makes Totes Babies carriers so special?

Tired of facing the shopping cart dilemma, Lindsey Fleischhauer was determined to create a solution. She turned to her father, Stanley Valiulis, for advice on how to come up with the ideal product.

Stanley enlisted the help of an engineer friend to bring the concept to life. In 2018, Totes Babies was born and featured at a Chicago Baby show.

According to Shark Tank Products, Totes Babies is described as a hammock-like device held by clamps across the top of the cart. The baby seat is placed on it and then securely fastened by a belt. Totes Babies leaves room for merchandise to be placed below it that won’t disturb the baby or mess with the carrier.

Lindsey and Stanley already have two other related items for Totes Babies patented, a mounting device for cell phones and one for a tablet.

Where can you buy Totes Babies?

The company website features a tutorial to ensure consumers properly install the device. Totes Babies has been safety tested and approved by the consumer product safety commission, holding up to 75 pounds of weight.

It’s compatible with most shopping carts at major stores such as Target, Walmart, and Home Depot just to name a few.

Totes Babies can be purchased on the company website or Amazon for $39.95. Buy Buy Baby also carries the item, which customers can have shipped or choose curbside pick-up.

The tablet mount and phone mount can also be bought on the website or at Amazon.

Reviews for the special baby carrier are filled with happy parents who now enjoy shopping. The question is, will the sharks on Shark Tank be as fond of the item as consumers?

It seems like a pretty ingenious product that any parent would use on a shopping outing.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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