Survivor winner Tyson Apostol reveals how much money he needs paid to be on Big Brother

Tyson Apostol Playing Survivor
Survivor legend Tyson Apostol spoke about possibly playing Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Tyson Apostol is a Survivor winner and he recently took part in a new version of The Challenge that features just people from CBS reality competition shows.

There are actually a few former Survivor castaways on The Challenge USA, which is set to debut in July. The show features people from Survivor, Big Brother, Love Island USA, and even The Amazing Race.

But one of the questions that some Survivor fans have had for Tyson over the years, is what would it take to get him in the Big Brother house? It seems that we finally have an answer.

How much money does Tyson Apostol want to play Big Brother?

Sharon Tharp interviewed Tyson as his first episode of The Challenge USA gets close to airing on CBS. And that’s when she reportedly found out some very interesting information from the four-time Survivor castaway.

“Editing my interview with Tyson now and there are so many good quotes and gems from him. I was smiling the entire time. ‘I’ve earned the right to not have to deal with sh******s I don’t care for,’ he says of debating whether to go on #TheChallengeUSA,” Sharon noted.

“Oh, and his price to play Big Brother is $5 million,” Sharon continued.

That’s a huge price tag for the Big Brother producers and one which they are very unlikely to ever pay. While it would certainly be fun for Survivor fans to see some people from the show try out Big Brother, the budget isn’t really there for salaries that huge.

But we are looking forward to reading Sharon’s full interview of Tyson very soon.

Sharon Tharp Tyson Apostol Interview
A new Tyson Apostol interview mentioned his interest level in playing Big Brother. Pic credit: @SharonTharp/Twitter

More news from Tyson Apostol

Recently, Tyson also named his Survivor Mount Rushmore, where he used an image from a recent get-together that some very famous Survivor alums participated in. His choices certainly might be a tad controversial to some fans, but Tyson knows the game pretty well.

Tyson also weighed in on the new sport that Boston Rob Mariano has taken up. Rob noted that he hadn’t played in about 30 years, but sometimes you remember things well when you get back to it.

New seasons of Big Brother and Survivor are coming up, in addition to the first season of The Challenge USA.

Big Brother 24 and The Challenge USA debut on Wednesday, July 6, and Survivor 43 will arrive in September.

Survivor 43 airs in Fall 2022 and Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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