Tyson Apostol shares his Survivor Mount Rushmore

Tyson Apostol On Water
Survivor alum Tyson Apostol had a unique way of playing the game. Pic credit: @TysonApostol/Instagram

Survivor winner Tyson Apostol named his Mount Rushmore for the history of the show, revealing who he feels are the top four players that the game has seen over the years.

This is certainly an area of debate among Survivor fans of the show, as each viewer feels differently about who the best players of the game were. Some think the results speak the most, while others feel that the best players don’t always win.

As for Tyson, he became the Sole Survivor for Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Tyson also played on Survivor: Tocantins, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Winners at War. Returning for Survivor 40 may have also introduced him to a new generation of fans.

Tyson Apostol names his Survivor Mount Rushmore

Taking to social media, Tyson shared a recent photo he took with some of his friends from the game. He also shared his opinion of which four faces should appear on the Mount Rushmore of Survivor.

“The true Mt Rushmore of Survivor,” Tyson captioned a photo that included himself, Boston Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow, and Ethan Zohn.

As for their qualifications, Tyson won Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Ethan won Survivor: Africa, Parvati won Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites, and Boston Rob won Survivor: Redemption Island. That’s a pretty good resume for all of them.

Tyson Apostol Mt Rushmore
Survivor winner Tyson Apostol names his Mount Rushmore for the show. Pic credit: @TysonApostol/Instagram

More news from the world of Survivor

In some other interesting news from Survivor, Boston Rob took up a new sport, returning to something he hadn’t done in 30 years.

And speaking of the last 30 years, Survivor was named the greatest reality TV show of that time period. It goes to show that millions of people are still tuning in each week to find out what might happen with a new cast.

Soon, a new group of castaways will be shown playing the game, as the Survivor 43 start date was revealed by CBS. It will all begin with a two-hour season premiere to show what just took place while they were filming in Fiji.

The bad news about the new season is that Survivor 43 is going to be a really short installment, as the producers have really moved away from the 39-day seasons.

For Survivor fans who want to go back and watch the seasons of the show that Tyson Apostol, Parvati Shallow, Boston Rob Mariano, and Ethan Zohn played on, all past episodes can be streamed on Paramount+.

Survivor 43 debuts September 21 on CBS.

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