Survivor canceled: CBS removes Season 41 from fall schedule

Probst Survivor
Jeff Probst will have to wait a while to host Survivor again. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor has been canceled from the fall 2020 CBS schedule. Season 41 was supposed to take place in the fall, but problems with producing the episodes have now led to the cancellation.

Survivor 41 was going to film last spring, but the coronavirus pandemic caused production to get shelved. The idea was to get back to filming later, but that day still has not yet arrived.

No Survivor for fall CBS schedule

The original plan had been for Survivor Season 41 to air Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS. The debut of the show was supposed to take place on the same night as the Big Brother 22 season finale.

Instead, not only has Survivor canceled its fall presentation, but Big Brother hasn’t even started playing out its summer 2020 season. That’s going to present a severe lack of programming for CBS in the near future.

A report by The Hollywood Reporter states that in place of Survivor 41, CBS is going to air a new season of The Amazing Race at 8/7c on Wednesday evenings.

The new season of The Amazing Race was actually filmed back in 2018, so CBS doesn’t have to worry about producing new episodes. This means the show can be presented in its entirety this fall.

Network television in trouble for fall 2020

It’s possible that more shows could get taken off the CBS fall schedule if the health situation around the country does not improve. The network has no new episodes of NCIS, Blue Bloods, FBI, or any of its other hit dramas and comedies to air in fall 2020.

In the immediate future, there is also a worry that Big Brother 22 could get canceled. A surge in COVID-19 cases has taken place in California over the past few days, putting Big Brother 2020 at risk of not taking place.

There seems to be a lot of bad news floating around about new and returning television shows for the primary networks. TLC has found a way to air things like 90 Day Fiance: B90 Strikes Back and some self-quarantine shows, but network television may have a tougher time getting back into a rhythm.

Some good news has taken place in the world of Survivor, though. It was just announced that Survivor: World Apart winner Mike Holloway is now engaged to be married. He was dating Big Brother 17 houseguest Meg Maley and just popped the question on a recent trip. The couple will soon be married.

As for when Survivor 41 might end up taking place, the best-case scenario would now be spring 2021 if the production team can get back to filming soon.

Survivor is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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Darrell cornett
Darrell cornett
2 years ago

This is my favorite TV show

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller
2 years ago

No, no no no!!! Our family has never missed an episode. Come film it in my backyard, I don’t care, just don’t take it away!