Survivor 41 advantages: Who holds the Idols and extra votes?

Survivor S41 E9
It’s time to draw for teams again on Survivor 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 41 advantages have been very plentiful this season, including one where Liana Wallace had the chance to steal an Immunity Idol. She bungled that opportunity, though, when Xander Hastings pulled a fast one on her.

During the last episode of Survivor, nobody used any of the Individual Hidden Immunity Idols, and Tiffany Seely was voted out of the game.

Footage of Tiffany going to Ponderosa to become the first member of the jury got released by CBS and she was seen making fun of the final 10 castaways for not flushing out any of the Immunity Idols. She is right that the group has allowed those Idols to survive too long without being played.

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This means that when the next episode of Survivor showcases the final 10 castaways, there will still be three Individual Hidden Immunity Idols left in the game. Will they get used or become souvenirs filled with regret?

Survivor 41 advantages that are left in the game

Here is a breakdown of which Survivor 41 advantages are still held by people within the final 10. It’s going to be very interesting to see what finally leads to one of the Hidden Idols getting played, or if the people holding them will continue to feel safe enough to not even use them.

Xander Hastings, Shantel Smith, and Naseer Muttalif each hold one of the Hidden Immunity Idols. Xander and Shan have even more power than that, as they are each holding extra votes as well. The promo for the new episode hints that Shan and Ricard are going to fight over who gets to use the vote she holds.

Blocking voting and more Individual Immunity

On the November 17 episode of Survivor 41, someone is going to win the Individual Immunity Challenge and get a chance to wear the necklace at Tribal Council. This could mean that four people enter the next Tribal Council with safety due to all of the Idols and that the votes for elimination continue to be split.

If the block voting that has been taking place continues to exist, then there could be specific targets at upcoming Tribal Councils. Will the quartet of Shan, Liana, Danny McCray, and DeShawn Radden stick together? Or is that alliance doomed due to in-fighting that keeps popping up during discussions about who to target and who to vote for at Tribal Council?

Make sure to tune in for the next new episode of Survivor 41, because a lot of drama is about to play out over the hour.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

Gawd. How pathetic is this season I mean really. I am done with this racist crap.

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“I hate his face!” .. says the racist African American girl about the white guy. These 4 people and message this show conveys are disgusting and I have had enough. Bye Survivor! Bye Big Brother! Bye CBS! Good riddance.

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Agreed with all the above!