Survivor Ponderosa: See Tiffany arrive as first jury member

Tiffany Voted Off Survivor 41
Tiffany Seely was voted off Survivor 41 on a 6-2-2-1 vote. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor Ponderosa for Season 41 has finally begun, with a video getting released that shows the first member of the Survivor 41 jury arriving.

In a twisty episode, Tiffany Seely was voted off of Survivor during a very shocking Tribal Council.

It didn’t even seem like Tiffany was really at risk, but DeShawn, Erika, Heather, Liana, Ricard, and Shan took her out during Episode 8 of the season.

Other players receiving votes were Heather (two), Xander (two), and Naseer (one) as none of the Individual Immunity Idols got flushed out.

Survivor Ponderosa begins with Tiffany Seely

In the video below, Tiffany Seely heads off to Ponderosa where she had to reside as a member of the Survivor 41 jury. It also meant that she would finally be able to shower and have some good meals, and she will appear during later episodes as a jury member who gets to watch what happens at Tribal Council.

One thing that she touches on in the video is how none of the three Individual Idols were flushed out and how there are some people with a lot of power within the final 10 Survivor 41 castaways. That is definitely going to impact some future episodes.

“I’m embarrassed for them,” Tiffany said about the remaining people for not “flushing” out the idols.

When Tiffany met with the doctor at Ponderosa, she was told that her blood pressure was “a bit high” and that she had lost 16 pounds playing the game.

More Survivor twists to come?

Syndey Segal got voted out the episode before this one. During some interviews, Sydney said there were too many advantages this season on the show. She may not be wrong, and she also touched on there being too many twists, including the hourglass that Erika smashed.

There are some possible Survivor spoilers that got shared online which hint at another huge twist coming up for this cast. It could lead to someone getting eliminated from the game on the spot, which would serve as a way to have a double elimination episode for CBS.

The cast itself is down to just 10 people competing for the $1 million prize and we are getting much closer to the Survivor 41 season finale. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the jury decides on a winner this season and if players who use too many advantages end up creating bitter jury members who won’t vote for them in the end.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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