Stephanie Matto’s friend Heather finally responds to 90 Day Fiance fan backlash

Heather speaks out after appearing on TLC Tell All
Stephanie’s friend Heather spoke out after backlash from viewers. Pic credit: @heaatherrjadee/@stepankamatto/Instagram

The 90 Day Fiance Tell All was an explosive one, and viewers are still reeling from the dramatics that occurred during the three-part reunion.

One couple that caused quite a stir was Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens. They faced off to discuss their explosive relationship.

The women had friends in their corners, and while one of Erika’s friends was the voice of reason, the same cannot be said for Stephanie’s friend Heather.

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She was rude, angry, and constantly interjected herself while the other castmates tried to speak. It was frustrating to watch.

Viewers did not hold back on their opinions of Heather, and Stephanie later took to social media in defense of her friend.

Heather remained mum, despite the backlash, but now she is speaking out!

Heather says she looked like a bully on the Tell All

In a series of very lengthy notes, the former Tell All guest shared that she decided to take some time before responding to the backlash. She says that we only saw the parts of the reunion that TLC wanted us to see.

She exclaimed, “After the HOURS we filmed for them to show what was aired is a disgrace.”

Stephanie Matto’s friend also expressed that she knows how she came off on screen. “I’m aware how foolish I looked. Cringeworthy. I’m aware that I look like a bully and that it’s over the top and obnoxious.”

Heather reacts to backlash
Pic credit: @heaatherrjadee/Instagram

Heather says she was there to stir the pot

Heather posits that TLC took the most dramatic things that she said and used them for entertainment. “Instead they took a bunch of mashed up clips, jokes even (I’m Italian) and put them in an order they found entertaining. ”

She also shared that she felt bad after filming ended and says she apologized for her actions but also stands firm that her behavior was exactly what the network wanted. “I was there to stir the pot. Frankly, it would have been a bore to watch otherwise.”

Heather says she was there to stir the pot
Pic credit: @heaatherrjadee/Instagram

Heather also addressed the death threats and cyberbullying that has come as a result of her appearance on the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All, saying that was the reason that she went private on social media.

“I went private on Instagram after receiving death threats OVER A TV SHOW,” Heather wrote. “I may have looked like a crazy person, but do you know how INSANE that is?”

Heather says she's not embarrassed by her actions
Pic credit: @heaatherrjadee/Instagram

Heather ended her post by saying that people are going to hate no matter what, and despite the backlash, she is proud that she was able to be a source of support for Stephanie Matto.

Heather says she's happy to support Matto
Pic credit: @heaatherrjadee/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days is now on hiatus.

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kathy glidewell
kathy glidewell
3 years ago

She a nonfactor. GO AWAY HEADER!

3 years ago

What an over-inflated ego you have, Heather! The show would have been a bore without you there?!? REALLY?!? You so need to get over yourself! Good luck getting a job after a potential employer sees you on the 2 episodes, drunk and with a mouth like a drunken sailor! You knew you were going to be seen by millions, yet you chose to get drunk and behave in that manner. No class!

Ruth Breidenstein
Ruth Breidenstein
3 years ago

Did you get paid by the show to act like a complete idiot. You could have told the show NO. I’m sure you liked the exposure,You owe Erika an apology for being so dam rude and ignorant to her