Stephanie Matto files second police report against her stalker, says she lived in fear for the past year

90 Day Fiance star files police report against stalker
Stephanie Matto shares disturbing details regarding her stalker. Pic credit:@stepankamatto/Instagram

Being a reality tv star has its ups and downs, and Stephanie Matto from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days has experienced both.

Matto’s relationship with Erika Owens has played out this season, and many viewers took Erika’s side in the downfall of the relationship.

Stephanie received a ton of negative feedback from viewers and even took a social media hiatus a few weeks ago. But the 29-year-old has been back on social media for some time now and has shared lots of personal details with her followers since her return.

However, a recent post revealed that she has been dealing with a scary situation that even warranted a visit to the police.

Stephanie shares harassing messages from her stalker

The New York native angrily took to Instagram to share her frustration regarding a man that has been stalking her for quite some time.

Apparently, the stalking started after Stephanie moved into her Yonkers apartment in New York. She shared some disturbing messages about the ordeal, and they are chilling, to say the least.

In one of his text messages, the man–  whose name she has not shared on social media –tells Matto that he is watching her and even shared details to prove it. He talked about her having friends over a few weeks prior and even revealed her address and the vehicle she drives.

Stephanie shares screenshot message from her stalker. Pic [email protected]/Instagram


Stephanie shares screenshot message from her stalker. Pic [email protected]

Stephanie posted the screenshot in IG stories noting that this was only one of many crude, threatening and harassing messages she’s been receiving for over a year.

The popular YouTuber also shared a message that she sent to him in which she reveals that she knows his personal info.

Matto files a police report

In her message, Stephanie informs her stalker that she has filed a police report against him, but noted that she did not give his name or personal details to the police.

She went on to tell him that if he sends her another message she would “contact the police with your info. I will release all of this publicly so people in the community know what kind of person you are.”

” You are a stalker,” she added, “a person who preys on the fear and discomfort of young, innocent women.”

Stephanie shares screenshots from stalker. Pic credit:@stepankamatto/Instragram

This seemed to have worked, at least for a while, and the man stopped harassing her.

However,  he recently contacted her again, so she is speaking out. “No one deserves to feel demoralized, threatened, and unsafe,” she explained.

Matto speaks out. Pic credit:@stepankamatto/Instagram


Matto speaks out. Pic credit:@stepankamatto/Instagram

The 90 Day Fiance alum says she has updated the police report and his full information is now on file.

She also thanked her fans for sending her messages of support after she shared her scary ordeal .

Matto speaks out. Pic credit:@stepankamatto/Instagram

Stephanie has since moved from her Yonkers apartment and is now living in Connecticut.

Hopefully her speaking out, coupled with the police report, will put an end to the harassment once and for all.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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