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90 Day Fiance viewers lash out at Stephanie Matto’s friend Heather after continued attack on Erika Owens

Matto's friend faces backlash on social media.
Viewers lash out at Stephanie’s friend, Heather. Pic credit: TLC

The final part of the 90 Day Fiance Tell All aired on Monday night, and it was just as juicy as parts 1 and 2.

The cast continued to delve into the season, and once again, Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto tried to hash out their severed relationship.

Both cast members had friends in their corner to aid in their defense.

Unfortunately, Matto’s friend Heather did not present herself in the best light, and viewers commenting on social media were not impressed.

Social media fans are annoyed with Heather

During the show, 90 Day Fiance viewers took to Twitter to share their annoyance about Heather’s behavior on the show.

The self-proclaimed Italian, with wine in hand, appeared rude and snarky, and frequently would cut people off as they tried to speak.

At one point, she even cut off Stephanie.

One Twitter user quickly took note, telling Heather to “shut up.”

Heather gets backlash on social media
Pic credit:@@fionanyc22/Twitter

Heather didn’t allow Erika to say much, either. As soon as the Australian native tried to make a point, Heather would insert herself into the mix.

Twitter users fired off a few tweets about this as well.

Fans lash out at Heather
Pic credit:@DaveFlame45/Twitter


Twitter fans react to Heather
Pic credit:@@Johnny89612223/Twitter

Erika’s friend Jessica– who seemed to be the voice of reason– tried to intervene, but Heather directed her anger at her, even throwing some F-bombs her way.

Thankfully, host Shaun Robinson ended the segment, and the conversation continued without the friends.

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Matto defends her friend on Instagram

This isn’t the first time Heather has received backlash from 90 Day Fiance viewers. She was introduced during the first part of the Tell All, and her behavior wasn’t much better.

She received so much backlash on social media over the appearance that Stephanie shared a series of posts on Instagram in her defense.

Matto claimed that things were left out of the Tell All, which viewers did not get to see, which accounted for Heather’s anger.

She said we did not get the context of what was being discussed.

Matto also shared a series of throwback photos of herself and Heather telling her fans what a good friend she is.

The 29-year-old explained that Heather was going through a lot of stress and even issued an apology to her friend for bringing her on the show saying, “I know a lot of people probably got a horrible impression of Heather from the Tell All.”

She added, “We were aware it wasn’t going to be pretty, and I want to first and foremost apologize to my best friend for getting her involved in this mess.”

Well, now it’s all over.

Season 4 has officially wrapped, and Heather can rest well knowing that in a few weeks, her embarrassing TV moment will be long forgotten–hopefully!

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus from TLC.

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  1. She and Stephanie were rude and obnoxious! Erika remained composed even though she could not get a word in! Se made the right decision to end it with Stephanie! Heather was drunk embarrassing to herself and steph!

  2. Heather was rude and classless Keep drinking your wine because no one cares what you have to say. Ericka you maintained your dignity throughout the entire process. !!!!

  3. Too bad someone wasn’t around to b***h slap this ignorant drunken fool! NO ONE cared what she had to say…had she came on with a little dignity and SOBER, it would have been different. Of course baby Stephanie is going to defend her friend…shes just as bad! Rude and snarky is putting it mildly, cutting people off and being drunk while doing so ON NATIONAL TV, well that’s called a B-I-T-C-H. Erika, you were the ONLY one that “tried” to talk with sense and dignity…but again, this drunken fool kept cutting you off. It doesn’t matter WHAT we “didn’t see baby Stephanie, this birth was obnoxious, rude and drunk…there was no call for that. If she wanted to “blast” Erika, she should have just called her privately!! The drunk should have been cut off the show the FIRST time she did this, but she kept doing it until Shaun FINALLY cut HER off!


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