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Stephanie Matto defends friend Heather after backlash from her appearance on the Tell All

Matto comes to her friend Heather's defense
Stephanie Matto defends her friend Heather after an appearance on Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

We already told you there was a lot to dissect after the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All, and we are doing just that!

Part 1 of the highly anticipated Tell All saw the showdown between exes Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens.

The couple broke up before season 4 even ended and have been taking jabs on social media for quite a while.

However, it came to a head during the Tell All, and this time they had friends in their corners.

Host Shaun Robinson announced that Erika’s friend, Jessica, and Matto’s friends Heather and Sanders would join the conversation.

Things heated up once the friends got roped in, and in Stephanie’s case, did more harm than good.

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Heather received a lot of backlash online

During the segment, things started pretty calmly, but Heather’s demeanor quickly changed to anger and progressed with each second.

At one point, while the Aussi native tried to defend herself, Heather threatened to get up and walk out. She always talked over Erika and even threw the F-bomb at her a few times.

Heather then turned her anger at Erika’s friend, Jessica, who tried to calm things down, to no avail.

After blaming her anger on being Italian, it’s fair to say Heather did not make a good impression on viewers, and now Stephanie is coming to her defense.

The 90 Day Fiance alum took to Instagram stories, posting a series of messages explaining her friend’s behavior.

Stephanie defends Heather and issues an apology

After seeing the negative backlash about her friend on social media, Matto wants fans to know that Heather’s behavior is not the real representation of who she is.

In her posts, Stephanie adds clarity to the situation, saying, “I know a lot of people probably got a horrible impression of Heather from the Tell All.”

She added, “We were aware it wasn’t going to be pretty, and I want to first and foremost apologize to my best friend for getting her involved in this mess.”

The 29-year-old explained that Heather was going through a lot of personal issues, including a breakup and the loss of her job, and was under “a lot of stress.”

Matto shared that some of the things discussed during the Tell All — which would explain Heather’s anger — was not aired by TLC so viewers didn’t get the full picture of what happened.

Stephanie defends her friend on Instagram
Pic credit:@stepankamatto/Instagram
Matto defends Heather
Pic credit:@stepankamatto/Instagram

Matto says Heather is just protective of her

In other posts, Stephanie Matto continued to defend Heather, saying, “She makes mistakes, she acts out, but she is one of the few people I know who can admit when she’s reacted badly and apologize for it.”

Stephanie defends her friend from backlash
Pic credit:@stepankamatto/Instagram

Matto continued to explain how much Heather has been there for her throughout their 15-year friendship and is just protective of her.

“I know you got a pretty bad impression, but I promise you, she is a one of a kind friend. And EVERY ONE who knows Heather will say the same.”

Matto says Heather is a kind friend
Pic credit:@stepankamatto/Instagram

As for Heather, it’s not clear if she has issued an apology for her behavior since her Instagram page is private.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All part-3 airs Sunday night at 8/7c on TLC.

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