Southern Charm: Madison LeCroy says Austen Kroll has shown his ‘true colors’

Madison on WWHL.
Madison LeCroy responded to Austen Kroll’s negative comments. Pic credit: Bravo

The Southern Charm drama just keeps coming.

Season 8 is currently airing, though it was filmed almost nine months ago.

During the most recent episode, Madison LeCroy announced her engagement to Brett Randle while on Amazon Live. Coincidentally, the male Charmers tuned in, and Austen Kroll, Shep Rose, and Craig Conover appeared shocked by the news.

It was then that Austen called Madison “f*****g Medusa.” The men then were prompted to place bets by Shep, who threw his wallet down and asked everyone to guess how long the marriage would last.

Madison isn’t here for the nonsense, though.

As the show gears up to film a reunion, Madison LeCroy is ready to come for the guys over their comments about her relationship.

Madison LeCroy claps back at Austen Kroll’s ‘Medusa’ jab

The blonde Southern Charm star isn’t here for the childish back and forth.

In an interview with Page Six, Madison responded to her ex’s comments, saying, “Well, if I was Medusa, I would have turned his a** to stone a long time ago.”

She also talked about how Austen showed his “true colors” when he made the comments he did. Before he learned about Madison’s engagement to Brett Randle, he was still flirtatious with her. When the news was made public, he started with the commentary.

Madison was under the impression that the two would be “civil” and had moved past their failed relationship. Austen and the Southern Charm beauty dated on and off for three years before finally ending things for good during Season 7.

She learned that Austen “wasn’t husband material” when she met Brett and realized how different he treated her.

When will Madison LeCroy marry Brett Randle?

The couple will be tying the knot in November in an intimate wedding.

Madison LeCroy revealed she left the wedding planning up to the planners and she plans to “pretty much show up.”

Southern Charm cameras will not be there to film the wedding, despite the fall being when the reality TV show typically films. Brett has yet to appear on the hit Bravo show, and Madison confirmed he didn’t film at all for Season 8. However, he is softening to the idea, which means that he might appear alongside his fiance at the reunion.

Madison LeCroy is over Austen Kroll, but can the same be said about him with her?

Southern Charm airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Red Head
Red Head
1 year ago

She is really a horrible person who is such a two face with everybody. Just plain nasty. The whole joint party with Venita was a joke, she took control of it with her “engagement news” and then didn’t mention that she was inviting Katherine and Olivia. She is trashy. I want in on that bet the boys were making!