Sister Wives viewers bash Robyn Brown’s reasons for not moving back to Utah

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Sister Wives fans slammed Robyn Brown for her role in the family relocating to Flagstaff. Pic credit: TLC

Robyn Brown is catching a lot of heat from viewers after the season premiere of Sister Wives Season 16.

Sunday night’s episode focused on Kody Brown and his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn beginning the process of building on their property at Coyote Pass.

Not much changed from last season as far as Kody and his wives disagreeing over their lots and hesitance to pull the trigger on construction.

While they were trying to figure out the Coyote Pass situation, Christine Brown’s desire to move back to Utah still weighed heavy on her mind.

Coyote Pass, Utah continues to divide Kody Brown and his wives on Sister Wives season premiere

Visiting the lots at Coyote Pass further pushed Christine to remember how badly she wanted to move back to Utah, so she continued to press the idea.

Kody wanted to check the temperature of his other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, to gauge how set they were in their desire to stay in Flagstaff.

When Kody visited Robyn’s house to feel her out about Christine’s yearning to move to Utah, Robyn had a lot to say about her now-former sister wife’s proposition.

Robyn Brown gives reasons for not moving back to Utah

Robyn claimed that she “can’t indulge that desire” of moving to Utah, and said that she also wants to move back but “just can’t.”

When Robyn said the family had to consider what’s best for the youngest children in the family, she said to move to Utah “wasn’t fair to them.”

Robyn also said, “I’m not interested in being a transient family,” when the topic of moving from Arizona to Utah was brought up.

“My kids are very happy here in Flagstaff,” Robyn confessed.

Robyn also said she felt as though she didn’t have a choice about moving to Utah, blaming the way other people would treat their family, based on her own experiences growing up in a plural family.

Sister Wives viewers bash Robyn Brown’s reasons for not moving to Utah

Sister Wives took to Twitter after the season premiere and many of them had plenty to say about Robyn’s input about not moving to Utah.

“Really, Robyn, when *you’re* the reason the fam moved to AZ?” wrote one Sister Wives viewer.

They continued, “Everyone was ‘settled down’ in Vegas! There is *no risk of persecution* in Utah! STOP WITH THE MANUFACTURED DRAMA!”

sister wives viewers called out robyn on twitter
Pic credit: @kcvinalpena/Twitter

Although Kody nor his wives have cited it as a reason, many Sister Wives viewers have speculated that Kody moved the family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff because Robyn’s eldest son, Dayton, got accepted to a college nearby.

The comment about persecution in Utah references the fact that polygamy was decriminalized in Utah in 2020. This was a big deal for the Browns, who fled the state in 2010 for fear of religious persecution or even serving prison time, while their family was under investigation.

Another Sister Wives fan tweeted, “It wasn’t “fair” to the kids to uproot them from Las Vegas in the first place. Robyn needs to stop the bulls**t.”

sister wives fans called out robyn brown on twitter
Pic credit: @Beckyboop24/Twitter

Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, claimed that although Sister Wives viewers saw her children’s reluctance to leave Las Vegas, her kids “love” living in Flagstaff.

One Twitter user thought Robyn’s reasoning for not wanting to move back to Utah was a bit hypocritical.

sister wives fans tweeted about robyn brown
Pic credit: @Tx0281/Twitter

“So Robyn’s reason for not wanting to go back to Utah is because people will make assumptions about her family,” their post read. “like they haven’t been on tv for at least a decade?? yeah, um ok.”

Over the years, Robyn hasn’t exactly earned herself the title of favorite sister-wife among most Sister Wives fans and Sister Wives Season 16 is already reinforcing those sentiments.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Elaine House
Elaine House
2 years ago

I can’t stand robyn

2 years ago
Reply to  Elaine House

I can’t either she is my least favorite she thinks that she rules the roost.

Joyce Howser
Joyce Howser
2 years ago

Cody was the reason they moved from Vegas, where they had an ideal living situation. He pushed and after they moved and $$ became an issue he acted as though it wasn’t his idea. His idea of moving back to Utah is selfish as i think he wants to prove the 2020 legislation is what he was fighting for and it finally got passed. He is a jerk. I can’t believe he found 4 wives to marry him. They should all leave him.

2 years ago

It’s frustrating that He is choosing to be paranoid as well as Robin over a virus and allowing that to come between their family and he can make it like it everybody Has a choice but they actually do not it’s either be locked in a house just to see your dad 2 nights a week of that or go to work and practice! Like him seriously thinking his daughters surgery could wait I bet if it was Robyn’s children hw would bow down I’m not saying it’s her fault but she definitely is the crank that turns his neck and probably after this going to be the only wife left meri needs to leave after he said I’ll never be with her but not throwing her out gross she went through alot with having ti get divorced to Mary Robyn. Iv notice she’s the only wife he defends why

2 years ago

They should NEVER have left Las Vegas. It was an ideal set up. Kody is not a good polygamous husband. He is very self centred & egotistical.