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Sister Wives spoiler: Some of the Brown family tests positive for COVID-19 after the nanny ‘ironically’ exposes them

The cast of Sister Wives
Which of the Brown family members contracted COVID-19 after Kody and Robyn’s nanny exposed them? Pic credit: TLC

After Kody and Robyn Brown’s nanny exposed the family to COVID-19, some of the family members also tested positive in the season finale of Sister Wives.

Season 16 of Sister Wives is coming to an end and has exposed just how broken the Brown family became amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kody’s strict rules imposed upon his family took center stage this season, causing further divide between himself, his wives, and his children.

Kody’s protocols required his family members to avoid social gatherings outside the family as well as follow a strict list of rules, such as wiping down mail and using grocery delivery services.

If Kody’s wives and children didn’t follow his rules, they weren’t allowed to spend time with him in person, meaning he went months without any physical contact with some of his wives and children.

Kody and Robyn Brown’s nanny exposes the family to COVID-19

In the season finale of Season 16, aptly named The Beginning of the End, the family schedules COVID-19 tests after they gathered for Ariella’s fifth birthday party and realized they were potentially exposed to the virus.

Three days after Ariella’s party, Kody and Robyn’s nanny informed them she had tested positive. Although the entire Brown family tested negative before the party – allowing them to gather per Kody’s rules – they were unknowingly exposed to the virus via the nanny.

Christine and Janelle Brown express ‘irony’ of Kody and Robyn’s nanny contracting the virus

Christine and Janelle expressed the irony of Kody and Robyn’s nanny contracting COVID-19, despite their long, strict list of rules they required her to follow.

“I’m just gonna be honest with you,” Christine expressed during a confessional talking about the nanny. “I know it’s partially evil but I just chuckle a little bit at the irony of it.”

Christine continued, “I feel mostly bad for the nanny. She’s gotta just feel devastated. We’ve all been exposed to COVID now, so I find it just absolutely ironic that it’s come through the nanny – and nothing wrong with what she’s done – I feel so bad for her.”

The 48-year-old mom of six also expressed that if it were she or her kids who had exposed the family to the virus, it would have “vindicated” what Kody has been saying to her about traveling and not following his rules.

Christine and Janelle expressed that they were afraid the family would “retrench” after hearing of the nanny’s positive test and not want to gather anymore.

Two of Kody and Janelle Brown’s kids test positive for the virus

Luckily for Kody, Robyn, and their kids, their COVID-19 tests came back negative. However, Janelle revealed that two of her and Kody’s kids tested positive for the virus.

“So last week, Garrison started feeling really crappy,” Janelle confessed. “And then the next day, Gabe did. So they both went and got tested for COVID, uh, five days ago or so. And a couple of days later, it came back that they were positive.”

Being that two of her kids tested positive, Janelle and her daughter Savanah scheduled appointments to be tested themselves.

Sister Wives fans watched this season as Kody butted heads with Garrison and Gabriel over not adhering to his rules. Garrison and Gabriel both attended school, worked outside of the home, and had social lives with their girlfriends, which went against Kody’s rules.

Be sure to tune in tonight and catch the Season 16 finale episode and be on the lookout for an air date for a Sister Wives Tell-All special in the near future!

The Season 16 finale of Sister Wives airs on Sunday, January 23 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. I wonder how the boys are doing and the so called “nannie”. Robyn says this validates Kody, No Robyn (duh) it does not. Your nanny (which we have no idea why you would need one) brought it into the family even with Kodys overzealous rules. You all should have been a good example and got the shot,,,,period! If you were so worried about it, get the shot!


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