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Sister Wives spoiler: Robyn Brown validates Kody Brown’s rules after nanny tests positive for COVID-19

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown
Kody and Robyn Brown’s daughter Ariella celebrated her birthday with a family gathering that potentially put the family at risk. Pic credit: TLC

In Sunday night’s Season 16 finale episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown validates her husband Kody Brown’s strict pandemic rules after their nanny tests positive for COVID-19.

Kody Brown has spent every waking hour enforcing his strict rules upon his family this season, trying to ensure that none of their family members contract COVID-19.

Kody decided that he would be the only family member to travel between his wives’ four houses to minimize possible exposure to the virus.

In order to gather with the rest of the family, Kody expected his wives and children to adhere to the same list of rules he provided to his and Robyn’s nanny, which included wiping down all of their mail, using grocery delivery services, and refraining from social lives outside of their homes.

Sister Wives finale spoiler: The Browns are exposed to COVID-19 after nanny tests positive

In a new clip from Sunday’s episode, Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn reveals that the family was exposed to COVID-19 after they decided to have a birthday party for her and Kody’s youngest child, Ariella.

“So over the weekend, we had a birthday party for Ariella,” Robyn told cameras from her couch as she self-filmed. “And the whole family tested and was able to get together and kind of have this time together, which was actually really cool.”

Robyn continued to explain what happened after Ariella’s birthday party that got her scared about potentially contracting the virus.

“The next day I got a call from my childcare provider, my nanny and tutor for the kids, and she said that her husband and her were testing positive for Covid,” Robyn revealed during her confessional. “It was… it was really scary.”

Robyn Brown says nanny’s positive test ‘validates’ Kody Brown’s rules

Robyn blamed getting everyone together for possibly exposing the family to the virus and explained that’s why Kody “has done what he’s done.”

Kody reacted to Robyn’s news in shock, since their nanny has been doing “everything right” and asked, “How did she get exposed to COVID?”

Robyn explained that the nanny was at her house last on a Thursday, Ariella’s party was on the following Saturday, the nanny’s husband tested positive on Sunday, and the nanny tested positive the following Tuesday.

“This just validates Kody, that you know, maybe getting together is a little bit too much of a risk. I don’t know. It’s just really, really hard and frustrating,” Robyn admitted. “I’m just praying that we’re okay.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. But wait a minute – getting together was supposed to be avoided to prevent your Soloman from getting covid – and it didn’t stop him from being exposed to it at all. Isn’t the nanny the first person in your circle to get Covid? Just wondering how Kody’s strict rules that essentially disintegrated the family structure protected your son.

    Because they didn’t. Own that and quit deflecting.

  2. What I think is funny is at least one of Robyn’s older daughter is in a dance club but the other kids CAN’T have a social life. Get real. You know who is the favorite. He is just using Covid as an excuse to just be with her. He rushed to Robyn’s house to see her and her kids after testing negative from Janelle’s mother funeral. He didn’t go and see Christine and her kids. NO!!!

  3. I think Kody wants to get rid of the “old” and replace with new. I think he uses Robin to cause hate and discontent with the other wives.

  4. It’s just deplorable. Just be a man, I want Robin and don’t care about my values. You will have to answer to a higher power, both of you. There are children and lives involved. Shame on you!!

  5. To bad “their” nanny is able to be around “their” family and the extended family) not allowed to be around “their own “father”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, doesn’t make a lot of sense,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. And surprise surprise it happened on the finale. First time everyone has gotten together and BOOM exposure. Call me skeptical but that sounds awful convenient for ratings. Sounds like a typical season ender on a drama series.

  7. His rules clearly are for the other wives and doesn’t apply to Robin. She has a Nanny! Who knows who/what the nanny is exposed to when not at Robin’s house! I’m sure she’s it living in a bubble!! I feel for he other 3 wives because it’s evident that he has a favorite and wants more of a monogamous not polygamous relationship now.

  8. I’m sorry …. I have watched this show
    For years now…. I have lost
    Total and complete respect for Kody…. And he was once my super hero… all I can say is Kody dear…. I wanted to be a sister wife just
    Because of the way u treated ur wives and now…. I just
    Feel sad for you.. please treat ur future wives
    Better…. Ever Meri deserves better…. She had sex with no one….. u have sex with more…. It’s just
    Sooo sad the way u and Meri turned out…. U loved her
    Once and only her….. I think the catfishing with no sex
    Is an excuse…. Just
    Like the pandemic is an excuse…. Is ur
    Mom alive? Do u listen to her ever?????
    It’s really really sad…. It sure I can watch much longer…. I had faith in u mister!!!!!

    • Right and she’s literally at home all day she doesn’t work outside of the home she doesn’t have like 10 kids and her older kids are old enough why do you need a nanny?

  9. Robin is just being a b***h she just does not want Kody to have any other kids but hers and she sure doesnt want to share her hubby she the one who has changed Kody’s faith on their kind of plural marriage. She is being stupid the nanny and hubby didn’t get it from them having the fs.uly over after they passed their test so it’s clearly not any of them who infected the nanny. People get exposed and they have no clue ! Kody has to work so he around others so he c. Vet exposed just wearing a mask and washing your hands and wiping stuff off not enough this is in the air too the whole planet is infected Kody and Robin ! Ring vaccinate is helpful but people are still getting infected so it’s in the air we breath. Robin turn it around how would you feel if he was doing this to you ? How would you feel if you were the wife that gave up her marriage for you ? Now she treated like a dog ! You like pushing these 3 women out of Kody’s life it’s pretty much a fact . These women are not stupid and they all need to leave you. X Kody for good ! They deserve a man who will take care of them and lovd them ! These ladies are beautiful smart women These women are way better off than you their kids are all grown so they do not need Kody they can support themself. Hell they can make their own show now of his this plural marriage ruined their life ! They all could make money for themselfs without Kody ! So you need to think about what you have done to them turn it around how would you feel. Poor Meri should of never divorced Kody for you and your kids but she did out of love for your kids ! Your 1st hubby must of been abusive that’s why your daughter nerves are bad ! Turn it Around lady your proud of pushing all these kids out of their dad’s life and you are happy that the wife’s are miserable !

  10. So it was ok for Robin & Kody to go to Scottsdale to show at Victoria secret( fans have posted pictures) without any masks. Kody is a pig…any father who doesn’t go when their child has surgery should be ashamed, and the way he treats everyone but Robin is disgusting. I would do have sent him packing years ago. It has been said that the reason for the Flagstaff move was that Robyn’s oldest son was attending college near there and she could not be that far away in Vegas. She is such a fake on tv, all the fans know who the one in charge is. Kody just goes along with whatever she requests. If you look her up on the internet she used to be an actress, so she knows how to manipulate people. Why Meri sticks around is beyond me , I know she loves the kids but why be around Kody?

  11. Kody is an ugly,(inside & out)lying, hypocritical arrogant pos! Robyn and her square manly chin, is just as bad! I’ve seen the picture of them at the AZ mall. They make me sick. He can go with Robyn to pick out undies, but can’t go with his daughter for her surgery?!? Disgusting!

  12. Why in the world is a nanny allowed? Ridiculous! But Garrison, his children can’t see others outside of the family-this is Robyn and Kody’s fault for exposure outside of the family.

  13. The nanny and her husband clearly had COVID prior to the party because it takes time for symptoms to appear and if the family tested negative before the party they clearly couldn’t have passed anything to the nanny and her husband. The timeline doesn’t support that someone in the family exposed the nanny. It is the other way around, the nanny and her husband exposed the rest of the family to COVID. If I was Meri, Christine and Janelle and all the children, I would be madder than hell that Kody played fast and loose with precautions and exposed them. All those claims about how safe he and Robyn are turned out to be complete bs. For Robyn to try to manipulate the facts to avoid blame is reprehensible.


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