Sister Wives: Robyn Brown appreciates Janelle for pushing to work on communication, says ‘let’s work this out!’

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Robyn Brown was thankful that Janelle pushed the family to talk about their issues. Pic credit: TLC

Robyn Brown recently shared on social media that she was “really really” appreciative of Janelle for kickstarting the family’s efforts to improve their communication style in the season finale of Sister Wives.

During the finale episode, Janelle made efforts to get Kody and her sister wives to communicate more effectively with each other.

She first had solo talks with each of her sister wives and then called everyone together with Kody at Coyote Pass to talk things over.

Janelle admitted that she can sometimes come across as overbearing when she wants resolutions and was open to improving her communication style.

Janelle got the spouses together separately then together to work out their communication issues

She voiced to her sister wives that they needed to start being more direct and honest with each other, but they all agreed that would be no easy task.

At Coyote Pass, Janelle wanted each of the five spouses to write down what they expected on poster board.

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Robyn is on the same page as Janelle when it comes to working out their communication issues. Pic credit: @LuvgvsUwngs/Twitter

Things went well until it was Kody’s turn to express his feelings. Instead of participating and writing down his expectations like his wives did, Kody refused and told them he didn’t “give a s**t.”

Robyn was thankful for Janelle’s efforts

Robyn pointed out that Janelle’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed and she was thankful to Janelle and agreed with her suggestions.

She tweeted, “I really really appreciate Janelle for instigating the push for us all to work on our communication styles so we can improve our relationships. I am on the same page with her. Let’s work this out!”

Fans weren’t quite as supportive

It seemed like Robyn was optimistic that their family would work out their differences. But her fans didn’t quite share the same sentiment.

When one fan wrote, “What about Kody?” a few other followers showed up to comment.

One replied, “Hes a jacka**. I wouldn’t EVER be in a polygamous relationship with him. Ever. Hes too narcissistic”

Another of Robyn’s followers had some choice words for her and resorted to name-calling: “You could give a s**t about anyone but yourself. You’re a homewrecker”

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Some of Robyn’s fans didn’t share her enthusiasm. Pic credit: @LuvgvsUwngs/Twitter

Robyn has been slammed on social media

Fans often label Robyn as Kody’s favorite wife and have speculated that she may have swindled her way into the family 11 years ago to be Kody’s sole wife.

She recently got trolled after she posted an appreciation post about her son, Solomon. Earlier this month, Robyn came under fire for comments she made about being heard within the family.

Fans will have to wait and see when a new season of Sister Wives returns to the air. Until then, fans can follow the Browns on social media for up-to-date polygamous entertainment.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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