Sister Wives: Kody Brown discusses hobbies and interests in new interview

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Sister Wives star Kody Brown talked about his hobbies, favorite vacation spot, and quarantine. Pic credit: TLC

In a new solo interview, Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown revealed what he likes to do in his spare time and where his ideal vacation spot is.

With three wives and 18 children, it doesn’t seem as though Kody would have much spare time.

The Sister Wives star recently sat down for a solo interview and gave viewers a glimpse inside his life since quarantine last year.

What does Sister Wives star Kody Brown do in his spare time?

Kody opened the interview by saying, “My favorite thing to do when I have free time, spare time to myself, is one of two things that I’ll do, and usually I’ll do them together.”

“I’ll make a phone call to a friend or one of my kids while I’m working in the garage. I love working in the garage,” Kody revealed.

Many Sister Wives fans might wonder exactly which garage he spends his time in since he has three wives and thus, three different garages.

Typically, it’s been the Browns’ practice for Kody to split his time between his wives’ homes, but many think he’s been spending most of his time at his fourth wife, Robyn’s house.

Kody went on to share that he enjoys working at his table in the garage, using metal, as he’s not that good at working with wood.

Kody Brown reveals his dream vacation

When it comes to Kody’s dream vacation, he revealed that sitting on a beach in either Hawaii, Mexico, or the Yucatan Peninsula is his ideal getaway.

“My dream vacation would not be what everybody else wants to do,” Kody candidly admitted.

“My dream vacation would be draggin’ one of my wives with me, or all of my wives with me, to go see my friends,” he added with a laugh.

Kody said when it comes down to it, he just wants to spend time with “special people in my life in a situation that is conducive to fun, long, and exuberant conversations.”

When Kody, who referred to the pandemic as Coronapocalypse, was asked if he picked up any new hobbies during the quarantine, he answered, “No, I did not pick up any new hobbies during Covid.”

It turns out that Kody is an aspiring musician, however. He changed his answer after he recalled that he started playing the ukelele “a little bit,” which he admitted was “a lot of fun.”

Kody added that despite the shut-downs due to the pandemic, he felt “busy,” citing the work that still needs to be done in his beloved garage.

Based on the state of his marriages amid Christine leaving him, however, it looks like Kody Brown might want to reconsider how he spends his spare time.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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