Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown ‘stirs up drama’ for ‘attention’ and ‘validation’

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Fans of Sister Wives think Meri Brown “stirs up drama” for “attention.” Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown is catching some flak from Sister Wives fans who think she “stirs up drama” for “attention” and “validation” after she shared a post about being “fully manipulated.”

Meri shared a pic on Instagram earlier this week, showing off her legs in her “power stance” and telling her followers about “finding her tribe.”

In true Meri Brown fashion, the TLC star didn’t delve into details about her struggles but only shared cryptic innuendos.

Typically, Meri saves most of her cryptic posts for her Instagram stories, where she often shares quotes from other sources.

Meri’s latest post has Sister Wives fans asking ‘What happened now?’

This time, Meri took to her Instagram page to make her point clear, front and center, and it has some Sister Wives fans talking.

One Sister Wives fan took to Reddit to discuss Meri’s latest Instagram post and asked other fans of the show, “What happened now?”

One fan of Sister Wives called Meri the “Queen of vague posting for attention” and felt as though Meri is craving validation with her cryptic posts.

Meri is the ‘Queen of vague posting for attention’ according to critics

The Reddit user commented, “I’m not invalidating the pain from her mother’s death, or her s***ty marriage, but she’s been posting crap like this for years. She is the Queen of vague posting for attention. Everything she posts is a passive aggressive dig at someone else or something praising her self for being so strong.”

The commenter continued, “There is probably nothing out of the normal going on, she just wanted a lot of comments validating her for being brave. Because isn’t the thing she said in all the therapy sessions that she craves the most is validation?”

“She certainly doesn’t get it from her spouse or family so she gets it from doing this stuff on social media. It’s kind of sad in a way, and I wish she REALLY knew her worth and found ways to validate herself without needing it from other people,” the Reddit user concluded.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans are saying Meri Brown shares vague posts to garner attention. Pic credit: u/corbou/Reddit

Sister Wives fans feel Meri needs to ‘grow up’ and stop sharing personal business

Another fan of the show agreed with the comment and wrote, “You completely nailed it! Attention & Validation. I agree I wish she knew her worth instead of playing games and getting mad at support offered.”

One Reddit user took to the thread to comment on Meri’s maturity, and said that Meri needs to “grow up” and “stop posting” her personal business on social media.

They wrote, “Always vague. She plays so many games like a high school girl and she truly needs to grow up and stop posting her business online for attention. Then doesn’t want the attention she gets. She is truly difficult lately.”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Reddit
Is Meri acting like a “high school girl” with her vague posts? Pic credit: u/corbou/Reddit

“It is getting really old when it is vague. People want and try to help her and she blows up at them. You go on tv but don’t want people in your business…. You post vague stuff that says you need support but it hints because of relationship issues yet when people try to give you support you go off,” the commenter added.

In addition to social media, Sister Wives fans have found an issue with Meri’s behavior on the show, as well. Critics recently called Meri “very manipulative” because she cries so often on the show, ironically after claiming that she’s being “manipulated” herself in her latest Instagram post.

Sister Wives fans assume Meri’s cryptic posts are aimed at Kody

Most of Meri’s followers assume that her cryptic posts are aimed at her estranged husband, Kody Brown. The ex-couple showcased their marriage problems on this season of Sister Wives, and viewers got a glimpse of just how disconnected the two have become.

Meri’s supporters have hoped for a while now that Meri will find the courage to move on from Kody amid his mistreatment of her. And although Meri doesn’t provide details in her posts, some of her fans think she has already moved on from Kody and started a new life without him.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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