Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown starting a new life without Kody?

meri and kody brown of sister wives
Moving on? Meri’s actions lately are leading fans to believe she’s starting a new life without Kody. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has fans thinking she may be starting a new life that doesn’t include her husband, Kody Brown.

Meri and Kody have an estranged marriage that took center stage this season on the show.

The couple has been together for 31 years, including a legal marriage for 24 years, a divorce, and now a spiritual marriage.

Meri and Kody have lived apart for several years now, and their relationship lacks romance and intimacy, as the couple admitted earlier this year.

The infamous catfishing scandal is what really pushed Meri and Kody’s fragile marriage to the edge, as viewers discovered this season.

Meri’s recent behavior may indicate that she has finally decided to move on from Kody, after years of fans urging her to do so.

Was Meri’s new look symbolic?

Earlier this week, Meri shared a pic, debuting a shorter haircut and a big smile. In the pic, she wore a sleeveless top, which is rare for the TLC star.

Perhaps Meri’s haircut helped symbolize a fresh start for the 50-year-old. As Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

“Just a little on the shorter side…. I don’t hate it….???” Meri captioned the pic, which looked to be taken from inside her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Meri has been spending plenty of time in Parowan, Utah lately to take over the innkeeper position that her mom, Bonnie Ahlstrom, took care of before her passing.

Meri shared more cryptic messages

While she’s nearly 10 hours away from the rest of the family in Flagstaff, Arizona, Meri has been sharing cryptic quotes on her Instagram stories.

One quote read, “You are still worthy of love, even after some people have made you feel like you are not.”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram
Meri is sharing cryptic quotes again – are they aimed at Kody? Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

The other quote said, “Strong women don’t play victim, don’t make themselves look pitiful, and don’t point fingers. They stand and they deal.”

The Sister Wives star sparked rumors earlier this year that she was sending Kody cryptic messages demanding an apology. Many fans feel she uses quotes on social media as an indirect way to make statements about her marriage to Kody.

Meri already lives like she’s single

Meri rents a spacious four-bedroom million-dollar home on four acres in Flagstaff where she lives alone. Her former home in Vegas recently got a total facelift.

She still hosts Fridays with Friends every week, where she joins her BFF Jenn and her followers to talk about a variety of topics. One topic she never discusses is her husband, Kody.

Most of Meri’s posts on social media are selfies, and rarely any with Kody. The last pic she shared with her estranged husband was in December 2020.

Meri has her own identity without Kody

Meri’s bios on social media make no mention of being a wife, and only touts her own personal businesses.

Her Twitter bio reads, “A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.”

Meri is a top seller for LuLaRoe and recently added Juvenaé lashes to her sources of income, in addition to her bed and breakfast.

Although most fans of the show have urged Meri to leave Kody for years, she has stood firm in her attempt at staying together and trying to make it work.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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