Siesta Key’s Mike Vazquez seems to confirm Lexie Salameh cheating rumors

Mike Vazquez seems to confirm that Lexie Salameh cheated.
Mike Vazquez seems to confirm that Lexie Salameh cheated. Pic credit: @mikeavaz/Instagram

Siesta Key fans have speculated for weeks that Mike Vazquez and Lexie Salameh had split.

The two appeared to be doing well earlier in the summer.

They were smiling together as they celebrated Lexie’s birthday a few weeks back, and Mike shared a sweet message as a birthday tribute to her.

After the Fourth of July, things seemed to turn as they celebrated separately, and they soon stopped following each other on social media.

Rumors spread that Lexie had possibly cheated on Mike, but neither of them had said too much about what was happening between them.

In a recent post, Mike seems to be confirming the rumors about Lexie.

Siesta Key’s Mike Vazquez seems to confirm Lexie Salameh cheated

While Mike and Lexie have been in the same venues at the same time recently, it looked like they had broken up.

The rumors have been circulating that Lexie cheated on Mike; he seemed to confirm that in a new video.

He took to his Instagram Stories and shared a video from his night out at a club.

He then focused on a sign that read, “She cheated.”

Mike shares sign on Instagram Stories.
Pic credit: @mikeavaz/Instagram

While he didn’t caption the post to provide further clarification, the timing of it makes it possible he was throwing some shade Lexie’s way.

Siesta Key cast films at strip club as Kelsey Owens fired

While Lexie and Mike may have gone their separate ways, they both continue to party with their friends.

Recently, they joined the rest of the Siesta Key cast to film scenes out at a strip club.

Lexie and her best friend Juliette Porter looked gorgeous as they posed for the camera, showing off their glam.

As the cast seemed to enjoy the night out, not everyone ended the night on a high note.

Kelsey Owens revealed that she had been cut from the show after filming her final scene at the venue.

She claimed the firing came without warning, and she was devastated by the decision.

Afterward, several cast members chimed in to show their support, including Garrett Miller, who had also been let go ahead of the new season being filmed.

Kelsey’s boyfriend, Max Strong, also had much to say about the production’s decision as he bashed them in a social media post.

He accused them of being manipulative and creating a bad work environment and culture.

It looks like a lot of things will be changing in the new season of Siesta Key. As of now, a release date has yet to be announced.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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