Siesta Key: Garrett Miller confirms exit from show, says ‘it wasn’t my decision’

Garrett Miller on Siesta Key.
Garrett Miller announces departure from Siesta Key. Pic credit: @gbaby00/Instagram

Siesta Key fans have been wondering why Garrett Miller hasn’t had as much screen time this season.

Over the last couple of years, fans watched as he fell in love with his now-fiancee, Kenna Quesenberry.

Kenna appeared to make Garrett happy right from the start and their love has blossomed into a beautiful relationship and they recently became engaged this past fall.

Since the engagement, viewers had hoped to have a chance to watch the rest of their story play out on screen including details of their wedding planning.

It doesn’t look like they’ll get that opportunity, however, as Garrett recently confirmed that he will not be returning to Siesta Key next season.

He shared a statement with his followers and made it clear that the decision saddened him.

Siesta Key’s Garrett Miller confirms exit from show, says ‘it wasn’t my decision’

Rumors have been swirling over the last couple of weeks as people speculated that Garrett might be on the outs with MTV.

Many fans came up with possible reasons for why he was receiving less air time, including that he just didn’t bring much drama to the show anymore now that he had settled down with Kenna.

Garrett cleared up any confusion and confirmed on his Instagram that he will be departing from the show and that he and Kenna will not be a part of the new season.

His long statement started by saying he was “saddened” by his announcement.

He shared, “I officially will no longer be on Siesta Key. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my decision & something I wasn’t expecting (well maybe a lil). Ever since I started the show I always told myself I’d stay true to myself & would never become somebody I’m not which I can proudly say I did.”

He continued by acknowledging the impact the show has had on him over the last six years and how he met the “love of my life.”

He added that while he’d “like to be upset at MTV” for not considering the vision of him and Kenna’s story, he was grateful for the opportunity he’s had to be a part of the show.

Garrett continued, “I never in my life would’ve thought at 20 years old transitioning out of sports that I’d be put on a tv show for majority of my 20’s. Honestly, sometimes it still doesn’t seem real.”

He pointed out the amazing people he’s met and experiences he’s had throughout his time on the show and how he was able to “build up” his career as well.

Garrett thanked the fans for being supportive of him and told the cast and crew that he would “forever cherish the memories” they’ve made together.

Garret ended his statement by saying he “found my happiness + get to spend the rest of my life with my forever. You know what they say when one door closes another one opens.”

Siesta Key cast shows support for Garrett Miller as he says goodbye to the show

Several of Garrett’s Siesta Key costars chimed in to show their support for him.

Amanda Miller told Garrett and Kenna that she loved them and that they’d be “siesta fam forever.”

Other castmates such as Brandon Gomes, Tate Sweat, and Mike Vasquez also reached out to share some love with Garrett.

Siesta Key costars show support.
Pic credit: @gbaby00/Instagram

The new season of Siesta Key will follow the cast as they make a big move to Miami.

More excitement is sure to come as the group takes on life in a bigger city. Fans can stay tuned as more information becomes available regarding the new season.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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