Siesta Key: Kelsey Owens fired from the show without warning

Siesta Key star Kelsey Owens.
Kelsey Owens shared that she’s been fired from Siesta Key. Pic credit: @thekelseyowens/Instagram

Siesta Key’s Kelsey Owens made a shocking announcement to her fans and followers.

She revealed that she would be done with the show after the new season finished filming.

The decision was made unexpectedly and was shared on the spot while she was filming a scene.

Kelsey explained that she had gone to film a scene at a strip club and was “informed that I will be cut moving forward on Siesta Key with absolutely no warning.”

She said that it was “mind blowing” and “truly disgusting” that she was cut this way after being on the show for so many years and after sharing so much of her life. She referred to the move as “disrespectful” and “abrupt.”

She continued, “Not even a simple ‘thank you for sharing the pat 5 years of your life with us’ I cried my eyes out then wiped those tears and filmed my last scene the best I could with my head held high.”

Kelsey Owens thanks fans after being fired from Siesta Key

While Kelsey is clearly devastated by the news, she made sure to thank her fans and show her appreciation for their support over the last few years.

She wrote, “Despite the way things were handled I am so grateful for the friends I’ve made, once in a lifetime opportunities I’ve been given, and most of all the fans. I wish I could hug each & every one of you.”

She continued, “You have no idea how much your kind words and support have meant to me and how much they’ve helped me get through some of my toughest times. I couldn’t have made it these past 5 years without y’all so thank you for that.

She ended her statement saying that she had become a “better person” and added, “My time on the show may have come to an end but this is just the beginning for me. ?Time to strut my way into this next chapter.”

Is Siesta Key production revamping the cast?

It’s unclear at this time whether Siesta Key is planning to go in a new direction with the show but Kelsey is just the latest in firings of original cast members.

Prior to everyone moving to Miami to film the new season, Garrett Miller and his fiancee Kenna Quesenberry revealed that they had been let go.

Garrett shared a heartfelt post with his followers and stated that it wasn’t his decision to leave.

He was joined by Camilla Cattaneo, who also cut ties with the show ahead of the new season.

MTV has not released a statement regarding the firings, and it’s unknown at this time whether more are coming.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see what these changes mean for the future of Siesta Key.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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