Camilla Cattaneo confirms exit from Siesta Key, happy to ‘be free of toxicity’

Camilla Cattaneo on Siesta Key.
Camilla Cattaneo confirms she is no longer filming with Siesta Key. Pic credit: @camillacattaneo_/Instagram

Siesta Key star Camilla Cattaneo dealt with her fair share of drama in recent seasons.

She and her ex-boyfriend Brandon Gomes had a tough go at things.

Camilla revealed that she had an ectopic pregnancy and if that wasn’t difficult enough, she found out soon after that Brandon had cheated on her with Delainey Shae who became pregnant. Brandon is now the father of a beautiful baby boy Quincy who recently turned 2.

Brandon’s new path as a father definitely threw a wrench into things with him and Camilla and despite trying to make things work between them, Brandon couldn’t quite get out of his own way. He started hooking up with costar Jordana Barnes and Camilla continued to get hurt by his actions.

Eventually, the two decided to officially go their separate ways– but Brandon isn’t the only thing Camilla is done with.

Despite the rest of her castmates heading to Miami to film the new season, Camilla has chosen to step away from the show and confirmed this with a recent post.

Camilla Cattaneo confirms exit from Siesta Key

As her costars started sharing social media posts as they packed and started their drive to Miami, fans wondered whether Camilla would do the same.

Rumors began to swirl as Jordana took it upon herself to tell everyone that Camilla had been kicked off of Siesta Key.

Followers wondered whether that was true or not as she and Jordana do not have the greatest history with one another.

Camilla recently shared a TikTok video and confirmed she was no longer filming the show.

In the short clip, Camilla was seen hanging her head out of the window of a moving car as her hair blew in the wind.

She smiled and appeared happy as the caption read, “The feeling of leaving a reality show so I can finally be free of toxicity.”

Camilla Cattaneo is not the only cast member to leave Siesta Key

Kenna Quesenberry, the fiancee of Siesta Key star Garrett Miller, commented on Camilla’s post and wrote, “Felt that.”

Kenna comments on Camilla's TikTok.
Pic credit: @camillacattaneo_/TikTok

She and Garrett will also stop filming the show as Garrett recently announced on social media. He admitted, however, that it was not his decision to do so.

It’s still unclear as to whether or not Camilla left willingly or was pushed out by the network.

Regardless, Camilla appears happier than ever as she recently debuted her new boyfriend, Bradley Knotts, on Instagram.

While viewers may not have the chance to get to know this new relationship on-screen next season, they can certainly keep tabs on Camilla through social media.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

The best of luck with what comes next in life for you. Take care of yourself.

2 years ago

Camilla was one of the better girls on this show