Siesta Key: Jordana Barnes claims Camilla Cattaneo was ‘kicked off’ of the show

Siesta Key's Jordana Barnes.
Jordana Barnes claims that Camilla Cattaneo was “kicked off” of Siesta Key. Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

The cast of Siesta Key will be relocating for the summer as they get ready to film the new season.

It was recently revealed that the cast is moving to Miami and several of them have started to make their move to the new city.

Garrett Miller and his fiancee Kenna Quesenberry will not be making the trip, however, as he revealed ahead of the season finale that he would no longer be filming.

He admitted that it wasn’t his choice to leave but he is grateful for all of the opportunities he’s had.

Fans have wondered whether anyone else would get left behind in the new season and it looks like Garrett and Kenna may not be the only ones.

Jordana Barnes recently claimed that Camilla Cattaneo would not be on the show anymore.

Jordana Barnes claims Camilla Cattaneo was ‘kicked off’ of Siesta Key

Camilla’s new boyfriend Bradley Knotts shared a video that showed Camilla packing up a van as she got ready to move.

The video was then shared to MTV gossip page @mtv_reality_teaa’s Instagram and they captioned the post, “Looks like Camilla is heading to Miami.”

Despite making the move to the city with the rest of her costars, she may not be filming the new season with everyone.

Jordana chimed in to the comments section and wrote, “Lol she’s kicked off the show.”

Jordana says Camilla was kicked off the show.
Pic credit: @mtv_reality_teaa/Instagram

Camilla has yet to confirm or deny what Jordana is saying so it’s unknown at this time whether there is truth to her statement or not.

It’s possible Jordana is still bitter with Camilla after the tension between them last season as they competed with one another for Brandon Gomes’ attention.

Camilla pushed Jordana in the pool while they vacationed in the Grenadines after they got into an argument about Brandon.

It seems the two of them have not particularly cared for one another since then.

Camilla Cattaneo moves on from Brandon Gomes with someone new

Despite the heartbreak she felt over Brandon after he got another woman pregnant, Camilla has finally moved on with someone new.

She recently became Instagram official with Bradley, and she appears to be happier than ever.

Camilla was literally swept off her feet in the post as the two of them spent time on the beach together.

Camilla had her legs wrapped around his torso as she cradled his face with her hands. They stared into each other’s eyes and their chemistry was notable even through the camera lens.

Camilla’s future with Siesta Key has yet to be confirmed so it remains to be seen whether fans will get to know Bradley next season.

Fans should stay tuned as more details about the new season become available.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus.

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