Siesta Key critics think the drama is ‘fake’ after Juliette Porter spotted out with Jordana Barnes

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter.
Fans think Siesta Key drama might be fake after Juliette Porter and Jordana Barnes hang out. Pic credit: @julietteporter/Instagram

The Siesta Key cast has been known to bring drama over the last several seasons.

Between relationships ending and beginning, friendships being torn apart, and new people being introduced to the show, some juicy things are always happening.

Last season, much of the drama focused on the demise of Juliette Porter and Sam Logan’s relationship as cast members showed their loyalty to one or the other.

Juliette, in particular, had many problems with Sam’s friend Jordana Barnes as the two were constantly at each other’s throats as they competed for Sam’s attention.

Now that the cast has moved to Miami to film the new season, Juliette and Jordana have been spotted together in groups of mutual friends. Still, there wasn’t any indication that they were speaking to one another.

However, based on Juliette’s most recent post, it looks like she is out having fun with Jordana as the two seem to be getting along. The post has caused speculation amongst viewers that the drama between them has been made up for the show.

Siesta Key fans suspect the show is fake after Juliette Porter and Jordana Barnes hang out together

Jordana has gotten closer to some of her Siesta Key costars over the last few months.

She’s constantly hanging out with Cara Geswelli, and most recently, she’s been spending a lot of time with Amanda Miller. Now, it seems that she and Juliette are spending quality time together as they appear to be enjoying a night out on the town.

Juliette shared a post on her Instagram Stories, and Jordana was sitting next to her on a stool at the bar. Jordana was smiling big as she was in the middle of making some type of gesture.

Aside from captioning the post with a few emojis, Juliette didn’t give much more information about the two of them.

One critic shared the post on Reddit and questioned whether the two of them being out together was “weird.”

Several people chimed in on the comments section and started to question how real the show actually was.

One person commented, “The show is so fake lol I’m so over it.”

Fans think the show is fake.
Pic credit: u/Delicious_Reward_213

Another shared similar sentiments and added, “Because the majority of the drama is fabricated lol.”

A third commenter noted that they “hate that as reality shows go on we get less real friend interactions.”

They also made note that Juliette and Jordana don’t typically hang out based on their social media activity, and they “aren’t really doing things together.”

Fans question whether the drama on Siesta Key is fake.
Pic credit: u/Delicous_Reward_213/Reddit

It’s unclear at this time whether the two are actually on friendly terms or if they’re just filming for the new season.

Will Jordana Barnes have a bigger role in the new season of Siesta Key?

Now that Jordana has been spending more time with her castmates, it’s possible she could have a bigger role on Siesta Key when the new season begins.

Sam even joked recently that she was the “star of the show,” so she will likely have more time on the screen now that she’s more enmeshed with the cast.

Fans should stay tuned for the new season’s premiere date to see how everything plays out.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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